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YES "Keys To Ascension"

Proper Records is pleased to announce the releade of YES "Key To Ascension" 4 Cds & Dvd set.

Archetypal prog-rockers Yes formed in London in the late 60s. They gained vast popularity in the 1970s and have managed to keep a faithful following long after the prog movement lost its force. Credit for their long-standing relevance lies with the distinctive vocals and lyrics of frontman Jon Anderson and the musicianship of the band’s many members who have come and gone over the life of the group. Yes wore their prog credentials on their flared sleeves, with long track-times and multiple changes in chord and tempo. Their songs embraced futurism and utopia, and their live appearances involved complex light shows for the total prog experience, while their recorded works featured the intricate artwork of fantasy art favourite Roger Dean.

The band originally performed prog cover versions, with their self-titled debut album in 1969 featuring versions of tracks by The Byrds and The Beatles. They began to write their own material, taking on influences from classical to jazz. The results were a stream of gold and platinum-selling albums throughout the 70s, with Fragile and Close to the Edge considered fan favourites.

Personality clashes are a feature among groups of people in prolonged close contact, and Yes were no different. After a brief spilt in 1980, during which Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson left the band, a new line-up released Drama. The album made the Top 5 in the UK, despite the absence of Anderson’s lead vocals. Another split followed the album, this time for longer.

The new band emerged two years later, with a new sound. Producer Trevor Horn brought a synth-rock sound to 1983’s 90125. The album gave the band their biggest chart success with “Owner of a Lonely Heart”, which topped the Rock and the Hot 100 charts in the US. The band broke up again after 90125, and the 80s were marked by disputes between former member about rights to the name Yes, and the bands back catalogue. By the late 80s there was Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe in one corner and Yes, with Squire, White and Kaye in the other. The boys made up and the resulting love-child, Union, though not as commercially successful as previous efforts, did provide the single “Lift Me Up”, which spent over a month at the top of the Album Rock Tracks chart. Since then members have still come and gone, though the albums have not sold as well as their commercial peak.


In 2004 the group were officially resting, though as 2008 marked their 40th anniversary, a world tour was planned... unfortunately illness forced a cancellation of the much anticipated concerts and fans will have to wait to see what they do next.

Keys to Ascension Tracklisting: CD Disc 1 - Recorded Live at SLO 1996 - Siberian Khatru / The Revealing Science Of God / America / Onward / Awaken.
CD Disc 2 - Recorded Live at SLO 1996 - Roundabout / Starship Trooper. Studio Tracks Recorded 1996 - Be The One / That, That Is
CD Disc 3 - Recorded Live at SLO 1996 - I’ve Seen All Good People / Going For The One / Time And A Word / Close To The Edge / Turn Of The Century / And You And I.
CD Disc 4 - Studio Tracks Recorded 1995/1996 - Mind Drive / Foot Prints / Bring To The Power / Children Of Light / Sign Language
DVD - Recorded Live at SLO 1996 - Siberian Khatru / Close To The Edge / I’ve Seen All Good People / Time And A Word / And You And I / The Revealing Science Of God / Going For The One / Turn Of The Centu


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