Rachael Sage "Delancey St."
Foreigner "Can't Slow Down... when it's Live!"

Delaney Gibson "Hurricanes and Forget Me Nots"


"In 15th century Germany, it was supposed that the wearers of the Forget-Me-Not would not be forgotten by their lovers. This is a flower connected with romance and tragic fate. It was often worn as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love." Delaney Gibson was dealing with the end of a long term relationship, living on friend’s couches, and working hard to start a new life. Even in such chaos, she was beating the pavement with her debut album, 'The Worst Kind Of Way'. Delaney was determined to make a place in this world for her music.

From great misery though often comes great art, and that’s exactly what happened in Delaney’s case. Her nomination in multiple categories to a local music awards show came to the attention of producers and songwriters, Aaron Goldberg and Chris Jay, who are best known as members of the popular rock band, Army Of Freshmen. Goldberg and Jay, who also live in Gibson’s hometown of Ventura, CA, had never met Gibson before, and without her knowledge, came to see her play in December of 2008 at a local show. Blown away by her natural vocal ability and songwriting strength, immediately after her set, the two introduced themselves, and on the spot offered, to produce Gibson’s next record.

Inspired by the New Year and working relationships, Gibson embarked on a whirl wind period of the most expressive songwriting of her career. Touching on all her recent highs and lows, the result is 'Hurricanes & Forget Me Nots, a powerful 10 song collection of introspective and moving songs that have already caught the attention of music supervisors. Songs from her new album have been featured on MTV’s 'The Real World D.C.' and Oxygen Network’s, 'The Bad Girls Club'.


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