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Perfect View "Hold Your Dreams"


Since a couple of years Italy has become more and more of a hotbed for upcoming new Melodic Rock, AOR, Classic Rock and Hard Rock bands. Outfits like Edge Of Forever, Shining Line, Wheels Of Fire, Skill in Veins, Planethard, Moonstone Project and Hungryheart have come to the attention of Rock fans around the world.

This fall two more aspiring bands from Northern Italy will present their debut albums, Fabri Kiareli’sF.E.A.S.T. and Perfect ViewPerfect View was founded in 2008 by Massimiliano Ordine, Francesco Cataldo and Luca Ferraresi. Their plan was to write songs combining first class AOR in the vein of Toto, Winger and Journey with some harder moments à la Van Halen and Lynch Mob and to give the whole sound a special touch by adding some slightly progressive elements.

After a few month Cristian Guerzoni and Pier Mazzini entered the picture and completed the line-up of the band. Prior to being a part of Perfect View the guys in the band have shown their musical talent on an impressive number of collaborations in their home country. Massimiliano and Francesco were members of the band Xteria, a predecessor of Perfect View.

The work on the songs for their debut album "Hold Your Dreams" was a collective effort with contributions coming from each musician. The finished recordings were eventually mixed and mastered in the spring of 2010 by Roberto Priori (Wheels Of Fire, Los Angeles, Killing Touch) at his PriStudios in Bologna, Italy. The big sounding songs showcase the musicians high level of instrumental skills andMassimiliano’s powerhouse high pitched vocals that evoke thoughts of Tony Harnell, Tony Mills andRob Moratti.

After just a few bars of the opener "A Better Place" you know that the band was successful with their task to balance great melodies and vocal harmonies with hard rocking guitars while giving the keyboards lots of space to shine in many different colours. To get hooked to the sound of Perfect View just listen to the radio-ready midtempo track "Closer", the Toto-like AOR of "Believe" or the power ballads "A Reason To Fight" and "Where’s The Love" with their symphonic arrangements. To keep up the interest of the listener there is always a certain complexity added to songs like the title track, "I Need Your Love", "Speed Demon" and "Showtime", similar to what Extreme did on their "Three Sides To Every Story" album and what Saga managed to achieve on most albums during their long career. Gregor Klee


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