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Legendary music artist Christopher Cross and his longtime music partner/buddy friend Rob Meurer have written a killer song "All My Nights I've Been Waiting" and very recently recorded it for "30 Rock" original television soundtrack a 2 CDs-set that will be released on November 16, 2010.

CD 1 will feature instrumental pieces, orchestrated by Jeff Richmond (Tina Feys' husband and the show's composer) with 14 additional tracks of pure comedy deliciousness. The 2 CD-set also features Michael Buble.

"All My Nights I've Been Waiting" by Christopher Cross (feat. Tina Fey) have been created specifically for the CD, and was inspired by a moment from season four when Floyd got married. Rob Meurer says about it: "Tina Fey referenced a 28-year-old Cross song in the show, so we wrote one in that old style...they loved it and used it."

You can listen to this new Christopher Cross song here at this address. Thanks to Rob Meurer for the information.

The digital version of the song:



The actual title of the song is "Lemon's Theme". For reasons unknown it was mistitled in the initial blast of publicity. Thanks!

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