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Steve Hornbeak “Hear My Prayer”

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In this concept album, Freegh renews with a long tradition of progressive and psychedelic rock, with lyrics exploring the mythical journey of a character taken out from the “Tales of an Astral Traveler...” by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. 
We are led to follow the humanist and mystic quest of a hero destined to save Akhenaten's hidden Principle from the hands of dark side forces.

Musically speaking, Freegh ambitions obviously to walk on the steps of such 
early giants as the Genesis of the Peter Gabriel era, Yes or Pink Floyd, whose influences can be felt here and there throughout the album and stage performances. 
A strong emphasis on finely structured songs and melody lines keeps it how-
ever well in tune with today’s mainstream pop culture. Rich and well crafted instrumental and vocal arrangements contribute to make this album a masterpiece in the original sense of the word, an ambitious project carried from beginning to end by this new band and wholly devoted to this new concept : Freegh

Thanks to Nick Barbier


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