Rolf Jardemark's new album "Sunset in Guitarland"
Nicky Swann "Matches and Dispatches"

Francesco Lucarelli "Find The Light"


In this age of iTunes and 99-cent songs, it’s refreshing to hear compositions that sound like they belong together and are meant to be listened to as a continuous whole. Francesco Lucarelli has created a folk/rock mosaic, with shades of jazz, centered by his expressive, warm-grained vocals, with a community of musicians who step in and out – sometimes oceans and years apart.  Some elements recall, most notably, CSN, Jackson Browne and David Lindley, and Francesco has been fortunate to have become close to and made music with a lot of the musicians that inspired him.

"Find The Lighr" contains melodic, harmony-filled songs of wonder and reflection, quandaries and dreams, searching and growth, and ultimately acceptance and hope. The sonic quality of this recording rings so clear, especially the rich acoustic guitar tones. Stephen Barncard brilliantly mixed the album with his unique sense of how instruments and voices should sound together. So enjoy Francesco’s album, a musical ride that traverses the human highway with sincerity, style and grace.

Dave Zimmer (author of Crosby, Stills & Nash: The Authorized Biography)

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran


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