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John Waite's new studio album "Rough & Tumble"


Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release in Europe of John Waite's new studio album entitled Rough & Tumble on January 21, 2011.

Waite's anticipated new release follows 2007's Downtown…Journey of Heart and shows a new and fresh side of the British singer/songwriter's creative output. Part of the album was recorded in Nashville. The record wrapped with a spirited studio session in Los Angeles with the members of his touring band.

Waite says of Rough & Tumble: “As much as I feel the release of the live album, In Real Time, last May was a defining moment and as much as I have enjoyed playing those songs, I consider this album a new beginning. I approached this project with an entirely different ambition musically than I've had in the past. It's the first record I've made that I think is made up of singles. All 12 tracks are contenders. They're all alive in their own way. I'm not really sure what the energy is behind the songs, but there is a real kind of velocity in the album where we just picked up speed and kept going. We just wanted to play and win.”

A good portion of Rough & Tumble was written and produced in a sweet pocket of creativity enjoyed over the past year and a half with Matchbox Twenty lead guitarist/songwriter Kyle Cook, who Waite met through a mutual friend. “It's pretty much extraordinary,” Waite says about the material he created for the new album. “It's not like what people would expect from me. It's a step to the left. There's a rock imprint on the music and a melodic presence, but it's just shifted gears. It's an extreme record. It has an identity and a philosophy of its own, which is really fresh for me.”

The Waite/Cook collaboration has proved to be nothing short of phenomenal, as evidenced by songs like “Evil” (a thumping rocker-meets-dance-club tour de force), “Better Off Gone” (a hook-laced better-off-on-the-open-road anthem), the deep groove-laden “Love's Goin' Out of Style” and the soaring magic ballad “If You Ever Get Lonely”. “I'm not saying it's high art, but genuinely speaking, it's fantastic for me,” Waite says, reflecting on his new music. “I certainly am interested in spending the rest of my life doing something creative rather than just living in the past”.

On Rough & Tumble, Waite also managed to keep the rougher live rock edge that shines through on In Real Time alive and well. The no-holds-barred, riff-ready title track and the driving renditions of “Sweet Rhode Island Red” (a Tina Turner number) and “Mr. Wonderful” (a new take on a hidden gem originally included on his debut solo album, Ignition) are set to shake heads during the next tour. The melodies of the amazing “Shadows of Love” are yet another highlight of Waite's new superbly varied and interesting musical statement.

Avenue of Allies new releases...

The schedule for 2011 will be kicked off by the smokin' hot albums of Miss Behaviour and Danger Zone, all due January 28.

Miss Behaviour – Last Woman Standing

Last Woman Standing” is a Melodic Rock and AOR album of the highest order based in the classic Eighties sound and including a guest appearance of guitar player Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Ex-Helloween). Certainly one of the highlights in the upcoming year in the genre. The professionally shot video to the ballad Till We Meet Again just premiered on YouTube

Danger Zone – Line Of Fire

Danger Zone's “Line Of Fire” is an album of catchy Melodic Rock songs with an harder edge. Recorded back in the prime days of Melodic Rock, with producers Jody Gray and Mark Cobrin, both successful with the Japanese Hard Rock outfits Loudness and EZO. “Line Of Fire” is now available for the first time ever carefully remastered from the original source by Roberto Priori and packaged as a Special Limited Edition in a jewel case with an individually numbered slipcase.

Thanks to Gregor Klee at Avenue Of Allies

Kid Rock "Born Free"


Kid Rock released his 8th studio album, 'Born Free,' on November 16th via Atlantic Records. The record was produced by Rick Rubin and mixed by Greg Fidelman. The first single from the album is, appropriately, 'Born Free'. 'Born Free' is in many ways a transformational album for Kid Rock. While there is still the edge, wit, and swagger of previous albums, he doesn't rap, there's no metal - there isn't even a parental warning sticker.

Says Kid Rock, 'The catalyst for this record was Detroit, and my thoughts on the world through the lens of Detroit. Watching everything go downhill over the past few years, the economy, the loss of jobs everywhere, I wanted to make a record that reflected the times but that still had soul.'

The bulk of the album was recorded live in a two week span in Los Angeles with a stellar cast of musicians including Heartbreaker Benmont Tench, Red Hot Chili Pepper Chad Smith, David Hidalgo from Los Lobos and Chavez guitarist Matt Sweeney. Studios in Detroit, Nashville and Atlanta were used to incorporate collaborations with Bob Seger, Sheryl Crow, Zac Brown, Trace Adkins, and in a pairing surely never to be replicated - T.I. and Martina McBride on the track 'Care.' Kid Rock and Rick Rubin, as friends, have spent many hours talking about their respective histories - starting in hip-hop, crossing into and creating new territories - as well as the need for a great new American classic rock record that challenges the field. 'Born Free' is in part the result of those conversations - an album that is meant to be played from start to finish.

El Debarge "Second Chance"


Congratulations to Soul Sensation El DeBarge whose first new song, "Second Chance," was nominated for two Grammy Awards last night: Best Male R & B Vocal Performance and Best R & B Song. "Second Chance" is the title track from El's first album in 16 years, released this week on Geffen Records. These nominations cap a triumphant comeback year for the singer, whose new album has already earned rave reviews from USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Entertainment Weekly, which dubbed it "The year's most elegant tell-all."

'Second Chance' tells El's story of redemption, which followed a period of personal turmoil for the immensely talented singer and songwriter. "I want the world to know that everybody deserves a second chance," says DeBarge. Co-executive produced by Ron Fair and Pete Farmer, 'Second Chance' features collaborations with Faith Evans ("Lay With You"), 50 Cent ("Format"), and Fabolous ("5 Seconds").

It also unites El DeBarge with some of music's most notable hitmakers, including co-writing and co-production by Babyface, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Mike City, Michael Angelo, Mischke, and the Avila Brothers.

"Street Player, My Chicago Story" by Danny Seraphine

In Street Player, legendary drummer Danny Seraphine, a founding member of the iconic band Chicago, tells the dramatic story of his rise from the very mean streets of Chicago to the pinnacle of rock fame and fortune in the 1960s, a watershed period in music history. In this riveting book, Seraphine offers vivid portraits of his fellow band members and reveals how Chicago differs from all other bands and why they have captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

This lively inside story is filled with fascinating and colorful tales from Seraphine's time on the road. He recalls how his first meeting with Janis Joplin nearly turned into a fist fight (and how she sweetly apologized afterward), why Jimi Hendrix invited Chicago to tour with him, and how Hendrix, a former paratrooper, calmly reassured him during a very turbulent flight. He talks about touring with the Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, and other music legends. Seraphine's tales of learning and perfecting his craft, and of how he pushed his and the band's art to their limits and beyond, are told with an unforgettable passion and urgency.

Seraphine shares moving and heartfelt stories of his life. For example, in the winter of 1965, as a high school dropout, he stood alone in his mother's kitchen wondering what had happened to his dream. He had thought he would be a professional drummer by then, basking in the roar of applause and well on his way to a brilliant career. Instead, he could hear only echoes of the shotgun blast that nearly took his life the night before. He imagined a pointless future of street fights and felonies in which the best he could hope for was a low-level position in the Chicago Mafia. Knowing there was no way out, he was close to despair. Then the phone rang; the rest is music history.

And in this book, for the first time, Seraphine tells the painful story, from the heart, of close friend and cofounder Terry Kath's death and of Seraphine's traumatic 1990 firing from the band and the pain that he has only recently overcome.

Complete with dozens of photos from Chicago's early years, Street Player is an uncommonly powerful rock memoir that is easy to pick up and very hard to put down.

Exclusive interview with Richard Marx shot in Paris on November 17th, 2010!

On November 17th, we had the pleasure to meet Richard Marx just before his first concert in Paris after 21 years. We're pleased to present you this interview with Richard Marx. Enjoy!


2010 album from the singer, songwriter and hitmaker Richard Marx. Stories To Tell features 11 acoustic versions of his biggest hits plus 7 bonus tracks of songs that Richard wrote that were hits for other people. These bonus tracks were recorded by Richard for the first time with a full band. Includes the single "Everybody".

Tracklist: Endless Summer Nights, One Thing Left, Hazard, Over My Head, Angelia, Now And Forever, Keep Coming Back, This I Promise You, Loved, Should've Known Better, Right Here Waiting, This I Promise You, Had Enough, To Where You Are, On The Inside, Never Take Me dancing, The Best Of Me, Everybody.

(Thanks to Bruce R. Gaitsch, Rachaele and Paolo)