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Rolf Jardemark's new album "Sunset in Guitarland"


Gothenburg guitarist Rolf Jardemark's new album Sunset in Guitarland offers rich West Coast Jazz, nine original compositions, produced in the spirit of Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton and George Benson.

Just in time for his 50th birthday, and after an impressive quarter-century on the professional scene, he returns to the sound that marked his debut Soft Landing (1989). During the 90’s and 00’s most of Jardemark creative energy was dedicated to exploring the jazz heritage. His breakthrough album Guitarland (1994) caused the Swedish TV program Jazz duel to dub him successor to Rune Gustafsson – godfather of Swedish jazz guitar since the 1950’s.

Produced by fellow guitarist Peter Friestedt, Sunset in Guitarland features some of the most iconic studio legends in Los Angeles. Michael Ruff and Bill Cantos offer outstanding vocal and keyboard performances. Behind the drums we find John JR Robinson – considered one of the world's most recorded drummers and immortalized for his contributions to Michael Jackson's Bad and Off the Wall – and Ralph Humphrey, who has played with everybody from Frank Zappa to Wayne Shorter. "I saw Ralph with Zappa at the Concert Hall in Gothenburg at the age of 14. He was fantastic on both Over-Nite Sensation and Apostrophe, when Zappa was in the gap between hard rock and jazz" Rolf says.

"Sunset in Guitarland" also includes great contributions from Brazilian drummer Cuca Teixeira and renowned Swedes Ulf Wakenius (guitar), Lars Danielsson (bass), Per Lindvall (drums) and Dan Evmark (keyboards).

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