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I Like It Better - More Music From Home


When Jack Tempchin, legendary songwriter for the Eagles, (“Already Gone”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”), Johnny Rivers (“Slow Dancing”) and Glenn Frey (“Smugglers Blues”, “You Belong To The City”), first heard Swedish act Citizen K, he was so impressed by the vocal, instrumental and arranging skills, that he offered a new unreleased song, right there on the spot.

“You Only Live Once” is the opening track to "I Like It Better Here – More Music From Home" (the 2nd album to celebrate the joy and and magic of home), where Citizen K and two of his musical buddies are calling themselves the Smashing Tempchins, as a humble hommage to one of their favorite songwriters.

Where the first volume had more of a “westcoast-focus”, this second volume has more of a “americana/country/roots-feeling”.....

Several American artists in the frontline of the “no depression-fold” have relinquished new and exclusive tracks for this album – Albert & Gage, Clarence Bucaro, Anthony Crawford, Fur Dixon & Steve Werner, Fayssoux, Ted Russell Kamp, Annie Keating, Jeff Larson, Steve Mednick and Kimmie Rhodes.

Canadian artist Luke Jackson contributes an unreleased track from his latest album, produced by Christoffer Lundqvist (Brainpool, Roxette, Per Gessle), with an exquisite string arrangement by the late, great Robert Kirby (Nick Drake, Elton John, Richard Thompson, Elvis Costello).

But just as on the first volume, several Europan acts also contribute exclusive tracks; Dean Owens and Hey Negrita from the UK, Shiner Twins from Holland, and singer-songwriter Henrik af Ugglas (who’s forthcoming album legendary writer Lennart Persson called “the most awaited debut in a very, very long time...”), up-and-coming alt-country-group Little Green from the Swedish westcoast, and alt-blues-artist Slowman (“he easily switches between styles, yet at the same time is a master at whatever he does”), all from Sweden.

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