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Brian Hobbs "Second Glances"

Josef Melin “Prepare for Y2K”


Hailing from Sweden, Josef Melin is the brainchild of the band Smooth Reunion, they released their critical acclaimed full length debut “Cleaning Up the Business” in 2008. Now Josef is going solo, as a first taste we saw the release of the EP “Offshore Monsters” in November last year. Now, on February 2, 2011 it is time for his full length debut “Prepare for Y2K”.

This is an excellent mix of Pop, Jazz, Soul and a big portion of Steely Dan; well crafted, humoristic and performed with brilliance and charm! His melodies and twists and turns are flowing with ease and together with the smart and sometime humoristic lyrics we get a combination that is irresistible. All fans of Smooth Reunion will feel at home as the sound and feel-good vibe also is found on here, its just that, the songs on “Prepare for Y2K” is even better!


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