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Escape Music are pleased to announce the release of the Paul Young album "Chronicles" on the 25th March, 2011. Paul is sadly no longer with us, but this CD is a reminder to us all of what a hugely talented man he was. Paul will be remembered always for his recordings with Sad Cafe and, of course, Mike and the Mechanics, The album also features renowned musicians such as Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart of 10cc, Victor Emerson and Ian Wilson of Sad Cafe, and of course Paul Carrack and Mike Rutherford of Mike and the Mechanics.

Paul was born in South Manchester, England in June, 1947, and soon became a well-known and much loved “Wythenshawe lad”… He formed his first group “Johnny Dark & the Midnights” in 1962 whilst still at school, and very quickly made a name for himself as a front man and lead singer… so much so that following an appearance at a local hall, he was invited to join the now legendary beat group “The Toggery Five”. The Toggery Five were to share the same management as the then very famous “Hollies”, and they went on to sign with Parlaphone Records, and released two excellent singles, which are now both rare collectors’ items. Paul later left the band and went on to form “PAUL YOUNG’S TOGGERY”, and then performed on the cabaret circuit with ex Toggery Five guitarist Frank Renshawe, as a double act…yes…they were called Young & Renshawe! Paul was also a short time member of British beat group “The Measles” in 1968, and later became known in various cooperative bands such as Rhythm & Blues Incorporated, and The Electric Circus. The early 1970’s saw Paul as a solo artist signed to CBS records, before teaming up with Ian Wilson from “GREASY BEAR” to form “GYRO” a popular local rock band on Manchester’s buzzing live music scene… GYRO were later to become involved with a project led by composer/engineer/producer Davy Rohl, who put together MANDALABAND and released two excellent albums featuring many Manchester musicians, including Paul and Ian. GYRO & MANDALABAND joined forces around 1977 and became one of Manchester’s best live bands SAD CAFÉ.

The band released “FANX TA-RA” in 1977 to critical acclaim, and an extensive catalogue of material was to follow, most of which was penned by Paul, and several singles which “Everyday Hurts” climbed to the top of the charts and albums emerged from POLYDOR/A&M/CHRYSALIS/ and other record labels until the band finally broke up following “Politics Of Existing” in the mid 1980’s before he went on to join Mike Rutherford (Genesis), and become a full time member of “MIKE & THE MECHANICS” in 1985. Paul was to remain with Mike and the Mechanics with many hits under his built and tour the world until his untimely death in July 2000, following sudden heart failure. A few years after he passed away, unfinished material he had been working on was recovered from his home studio, a total of thirty five songs, some of which have since been carefully recorded and completed by musician friends and collaborators who had known and worked with him… so now, after more than ten years, we are to hear these “NEW” recordings for the very first time,  will be released by “ESCAPE MUSIC”, which means that for Paul Young fans everywhere, the dream is still very much alive !


I've had the album just over a week now. There's some fabulous stuff on it. Youngies voice still bears the test of time. I believe New Shoes is going to be the single. If it receives airplay I think it could well be a top 10.

Any Paul Young/Sad Café fans reading this...BUY IT! You will not be disappointed.

Oh God I can't believe it. Only just found out about it, its the best news ever! Within minutes of finding out about it I have ordered it and I can't wait. Paul is my favourite singer of all time.

Amen! This CD is so incredible great! There are SO many favorites on it, and I've been listening to it for quite many months now, but to just mention a few favorites: "Your Shoes", the Paul Carrack-duet ""Grace Of God", "Two Wrongs" with it'äs very great refrain, and all time favorite number one: The absolutely most beautiful ballad I've heard for a very, very long time: "Frozen Heart"! This ballad sounds so very intimate & so typical Eric Clapton-ish (back in Clapton's good old days) with the song's chords & arrangements, and would no doubt with any kind of justice be a pure airplay-hit! Paul Young will forever be in our hearts!

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