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"I recieved yesterday this album from Some Kind Of Haven and already played it several times. Beautiful voices and catchy melodies make every song a pleasant moment" Arnaud

Some Kind Of Haven is a collaboration between producer / songwriter Johan Stentorp and singer Alexandra Hamnede. John has over the years written and produced songs for Swedish and foreign artists, including Peter Cox (lead singer of Go West), MLTR (Michael Learns To Rock), Charlotte Perelli, Simon Matthew, Ronan Keating, and others), and previously also been a member of bands The Trampolines and Time Gallery. Alexandra is a trained vocal coach, both live and studio contexts backed numerous artists. She has also collaborated with among other things, Noel Hogan (formerly of the Cranberries) on his solo project, Mono Band. Alexandra was also a former member of ambient band that including Bliss was featured on the soundtrack to the first "Sex And The City" movie that reached second place on the Billboard charts. She has also sung a duet with Boy George, and last summer she was part of the hand-picked choir that backed Stevie Wonder in the last three songs of his concert at Parken in Copenhagen.

How does the Some Kind Of Heaven?
 The duo themselves describe the music as a mix of American singer / songwriter tradition and the more melodic British guitar pop. Throw in a dose of Swedish melancholy and a touch of country music, so maybe you can imagine. "We are influenced by artists like Lisa Loeb, Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill and Aimee Mann, but there are definitely traces of bands like Crowded House, Squeeze, Jellyfish, too."

Thanks to Johan Stentorp & Bjorn Soderqvist



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