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Interview with Christopher Cross

Christopher Cross
"Doctor Faith" is now out in France and all over Europe (Edel Records), His first solo CD with new material since more than 12 years. So quite an event to listen to Christopher 13 new great songs (all songs written by Christopher Cross and Rob Meurer) feat. Michael McDonald, the late David Mann. A LP dedicated to the very talented Joni Mitchell.

On "Doctor Faith": some mid-tempos, a few ballads, an exquisite duet with Michael McDonald, a reminiscence of the band Chicago horn section ("Leave It To Me")... and a guitar-based album. Certainly, one of the masterpiece in Christopher's career. Being a very guitar based album "Doctor Faith" represents a departure for the artist, as although he has always written on guitar, his earlier albums were done more from a keyboard-based sound production. The lyrics reflect what's going on in the world, in the society, between the generations and in the common day-to-day life.

Take for example the uplifting, very forwardthinking opener, "Hey Kid" or the multi-layered song, "I'm Too Old For This", which is a critical observation of the American society. Another very impressive side of Cross' songwriting qualities is shown in the title track "Doctor Faith" where the superb Michael McDonald gives the patient of "Doctor Faith" a very plaintive voice.

We have had the chance to meet Christopher Cross in Paris, May 11 who has told us more about Doctor Faith , his inspiration and the different partnerships.

(Thanks to Linda,  Rob Meurer, Sandrine and Anja for the interview).

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