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Interview with Kiki Ebsen

For Westcoast Music / AOR fans, Kiki Ebsen is one of artist who counts. You can remember her album "Red" (back in the nineties) which features "My Desire". Since when, Kiki has released several albums including a great albums of covers released last year "Cool Songs - Volume 1" (with covers of songs from Carole King, David Gates, Joni Mitchell...) and her forthcoming new studio album "The Beauty Inside" with the late great Kenny Edwards as a contributor.

Kiki Ebsen is in Christopher Cross backing backing band since more than 15 years (on keys, piano and backing vocals). We have had the chance to meet her last week with Paris the same day we had an interview with Christopher Cross... So here is Kiki Ebsen interview to discover more about her career, inspiration and new projects. Enjoy!

Kiki Ebsen albums available at CDBaby : "Love & Loud" (2000) and "Kiki" (2005).

Interview with Kiki Ebsen - Part One

Interview with Kiki Ebsen - Part Two

(Many thanks to Kiki Ebsen) - interview videshot in Paris (May 11, 2011)


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