John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson "Western Highways"
Jon Anderson "Survival & Other Stories"

Ole Børud "Keep Movin"


Ole Børud is far from a newcomer in the Norwegian music scene. Few artists are as widely experienced. Starting his singing career at the age of five, Ole appeared on his first record already the year after. From the age of sixteen, he has been a full-time musician, both singing and playing guitar, with numerous bands and artists in a variety of genres and settings. Ole has toured every continent, and starred on almost twenty album releases, ranging from the gospelgroup Arnold B Family to the internationally acclaimed metal band Extol. His musical résumé also includes national luminaries as Sofian and Torun Eriksen, and he has shared the stage with international artists such as Andrae Crouch.

His music is a result of his diverse background, and is just as exciting. Close harmonies and sophisticated arrangements bears proof of his love for 70s west coast, whereas the rhythms are deeply rooted in funk and R&B. The album is in many ways a musical encounter between west coast sunshine and a gritty east coast urbanity, where you can hear inspiration from artists as different as Steely Dan and D..angelo.

After his acclaimed "Shakin the ground", Ole released a brand new record "Keep Movin" to discover right NOW!



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