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Allan Thomas "Deep Water"


Making good on his promise of releasing at least one album of original material each decade Allan Thomas offers up ‘Deep Water’ his fifth. Recorded with the generous help of twenty-one stellar musicians playing at top form. You'll find songs ranging in territory from ‘The Longest Ride’ – a rock-jazz tribute to fallen surfer Andy Irons - featuring David Crosby & Graham Nash - to ‘The Downturn’ - a tongue-in-cheek take on the current state of economic mayhem. The record also features several character-driven compositions, among them ‘Other Than That’ - a vocal and drums only litany on the worst aspects of some people we all know, set to a late ’50′s beat-poet jazz groove, and the wizened and weary weed smuggler confessional of the searing rock-blues 'Monkey Business'. The many facets of romance are not forgotten here, with a reflective look into just how deep love can take you on the 'Deep Water' title track, plus the flat-out jubilant and jazzy 'The Gift', and a ballad that endeavors to sum it all up in 'It All Comes Down To Love'.

Besides the usual stellar cast of AT backing musicians - including Michael Ruff, Bryan Kessler, Ken Emerson and Kirk Smart - the record also features members of the Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young, James Taylor, Van Morrison, CSN and Yellowjackets bands. The album contains 12 songs that span time from as recent as the summer of 2011 - to the ode to a vegetable garden 'Homegrown', written in 1976.

Allan Thomas: Deep Water


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