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Marco Taggiasco & Friends "Things And Moments LIVE"


The record features Marco’s signature songs like "April In My Heart" and "This Moment", as well as his recent hit "Got To Believe This Time", written with Robbie Dupree and played live for the first time, in addition to the classic "Never Too Late (For Love)". But the big surprise are two gorgeous ballads performed by emerging vocal talent Daphne Nisi (Breathless and Wish On A Star), along with a soulful rendition of Marco’s Healing Rain, performed by Danish singer-songwriter Claus Leonhardt. Of course most of the show relies one more time on Andrea Sanchini’s brilliant vocals, who brings new life to the tracks from "Thousand Things", re-arranged especially for the event.

“The idea behind the project is: I had some unreleased songs - Marco explains - songs that didn’t find a way on my records, good songs in my opinion, and I also had the songs from my very first cd, which was made with a massive use of programming and very little live playing so Riziero (Riziero Bixio, album producer) and I thought it would have been nice to gather round some friends and make a concert to share those songs and give them a chance to be heard in a fresher way”.

Marco Taggiasco & Friends: Things and Moments Live


Daphne Nisi's voice is breathless... honestly.

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