Kenji Sano "Culture Chameleon"
Viktoria Tolstoy "Letters To Herbie"

Crossfade "Secret Love"


Crossfade was formed... ... as a duo in the town of Skövde (Sweden) in 1999 when the musical paths of the peripheral acquaintances Lars Hallbäck and Richard Stenström crossed. Six months later, singer Göran Edman took his stand behind the microphone, introduced through a mutual friend. Along with drummer Per Lindvall and his brother Sven (bass) and the now classic “transitioning from the 60's to date” Crossfade sound was born.

The music is often compared to and placed in the genres of Steely Dan, Toto, Sting, Eagles, Chicago and the Doobies. Add to this, a full-blown horn section, percussion and background vocals and you have a stellar music production toolkit. Thoughtful lyrics have since day one been written by Eva Olsson.

The debut album “White On Blue” hit the market in 2004 and received many a great reviews from the lovers of music & lyrics with a reflection. "Wow what an album! I've tried to hold back on this one for a while and let the euphoria die down a little before throwing it against the wall and seeing what songs would "stick" in the long run and which ones would slide off into oblivion, but with Crossfade's "White On Blue", this simply is not happening." - RevelationZ Magazine

“Crossfade does a great job on White on Blue. Very melodic. Very well done. Keep up the good work!” -


Since Crossfade yet to date has refrained from spending time on tours, the more time (seven years specifically) has been spent in the studio to put their sequel “Secret Love” on the map in late 2011. The listeners will be met by lush harmonies, intricate chords, lavish keyboards and the Hallbäck signature guitar sound. Add to this the vocals by Göran Edman, ranging all the way from dynamic and nuanced up to massive choirs. Once again, the groove foundation is set by the Lindvall brothers and to furthermore sweeten the deal, you will get to enjoy guest performances by Kalle Moraeus (violin) and Mats Ronander (Harmonica). The recording was done with the utmost attention to sonic details and no takes have been used if not cooked just right. Moreover, audiophiles will get to enjoy the album mixed by Bernard Löhr both in Stereo and 5.1Surround DVD accompanied by some live studio footage from the recording sessions. The saga continues...


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