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Steve Weingart & Renee Jones "Dialogue"

Gypsy Soul "Wanderlust"


Back In 1990, Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit were both searching for something.

Imagine being an American in Paris learning to sing in French, phonetically. That’s how Cilette began her career, singing in Paris jazz clubs.

Imagine living in London, being signed to a major recording contract with A&M Records, and watching it fall out from under you, mid-recording. That’s how Roman found himself needing a change.

Both were feeling creatively stifled and through a series of life’s coincidences, they found each other in Edinburgh, Scotland. Recognizing a musical kinship, they started writing songs together and Gypsy Soul was born.

Since that time, Gypsy Soul has released ten albums along with a live DVD recorded at the Triple Door in Seattle. Their music has aired all over the world on numerous TV shows including, Felicity, Providence, Roswell, and movies including, After Sex starring Brooke Shields and Quicksand starring Michael Cain among others. They have been "critics pick" in over 60 different publications including, LA Times, OC Weekly, Seattle PI, Salt Lake City Weekly among others.

”Four stars.” “...Catchy, folk-based pop/rock songs with inventive arrangements suggested what a second Buckingham Nicks LP might have sounded like if Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had not joined Fleetwood Mac.” - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

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Gypsy Soul: Wanderlust



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