Interview with Larry Hoppen & Lance Hoppen from the band Orleans.
Kenji Sano "Culture Chameleon"

Pat McGee "No Wrong Way To Make It Right"

Pat McGee just released his new record of brand new material (except the cover of Don Henley's "The End Of innocense") and says about it:

"No Wrong Way To Make it Right . . . yup, that sums up lots of things in my life, but it’s also the title of my new album. I am so proud of this record for lots of reasons. It is by far my most personal record, touching on subjects I formerly shied away from and at the same time staying true to what comes naturally to me. It has my heaviest and most delicate moments ever caught on tape. It truly is a reflection of all the music I grew up loving and couldn’t hide from–it’s all there in these tracks. The album represents the perfect blend of all my influences. The album is produced by Doug Derryberry, a longtime friend and someone that I admired as a wide-eyed 17-year-old taking in the local bands in the DC music scene. I wrote some of the songs alone at home and some on the road with friends such as: Jason Mraz, Stephen Kellogg, Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel, Keaton Simons, Mike Daly from Whiskeytown and Emerson Hart from Tonic."



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