Steve Weingart & Renee Jones "Dialogue"
Venice band and Roger Waters band for an exclusive acoustic session live November 2, 2011 on RTL radiostation (Paris)

The Foxy Lady Project: A collection of guitars presented life-size in a collector book.


The measurements of The Foxy Lady Project (109 x 47 cm 42-15/16” x 18-1/2”) create the largest book published to date. However, the size was not in itself a goal. It was made necessary by the content: a collection of guitars among the most emblematic of the twentieth century, presented life-size.

61 photographs by Maxime Ruiz, hyper-realistic portraits depicted at full scale, a selection of key instruments in the history of blues, jazz and rock. Collectors' items found from musicians and passionate collectors, narrated and documented by Christian Séguret, music historian and guitarist. Guitars photographed like human beings, revealing their texture, their wounds and the traces of the lives of those who played them.

The book is not intended for specialists, experts or the elite. Foxy Lady’s creator, Maxime Ruiz explains: « I photographed objects telling about a century, talking about my generation. Objects loaded with history and stories. I know that the eye that touches my images takes them away from me somewhat. Like a guitar maker, I am only a ferryman. I am neither a collector nor an expert, just an amateur. From the beginning I decided that my subject would solely be guitars. Not the guitar of someone or someone else, the guitar itself, with all the diversity of my early emotions ».

Available in a limited 2,500 numbered edition, The FoxyLadyProject is a unique experience for the reader, the product of an adventure, of travels and encounters. A dream of reckless and stubborn artisans that became a reality, delivered in the form of a photo odyssey aiming at those who love shapes, stories, images and sounds.



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