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New releases from Avenue Of Allies for 2012!

Swedish Rock band ANGELINE celebrated the release of their new album “Disconnected” with two release shows & parties in their home country on the last November weekend. The audiences at their gigs in the bands hometown Ljusdal on November 25th and two days later in Sweden’s capital Stockholm, saw the band perform some Angeline classics and eight songs from their brand new album “Disconnected”.

The band is currently climbing the charts on Reverbnation. Their song “Falling Into You” now holds position #8 on the local Swedish charts:

“Disconnected” is the second full-length album by the Swedish Rockers and will be released on Dec. 9th,

2011 on the Avenue Of Allies label. On the same date the label will release three more albums : “IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY – Vintage Love”, a compilation of the best Classic Hard Rock and Melodic Rock songs by the American guitarist feat. Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz, ex-Rainbow, MSG), Paul Shortino (King Kobra, Ex-Quiet Riot, Rough Cutt), Dougie White (ex-Rainbow) and Carsten “Lizard” Schulz (Evidence One, ex-Domain) on vocals.

COASTLAND RIDE – On Top Of The World”, the new album by the Swedish AOR / Westcoast trio, feat. Sven Larsson (Street Talk, Lionville) on solo guitar.

COASTLAND RIDE – Coastland Ride + 3”, a remastered re-issue of the band’s debut album, including three previously unreleased bonus songs of high quality AOR.

Recent Avenue Of Allies releases are :

PARADISE INC. – Time” A new Melodic Rock band from Brazil fronted by German singer Carsten “Lizard” Schulz (Evidence One). The record was produced by Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse) and mastered by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69). Guests who can be heard on this album include Doogie White (ex Rainbow) on vocals on the track „Not In Paradise“, Paul Logue on bass on „Wait To See“ and Italian keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio.

SOUL SELLER – Back To Life” : Our latest signing from Italy is the Melodic Rock band SOUL SELLER. Their international debut CD is called “Back To Life”. Alessandro Del Vecchio (Shining Line, Lionville, Eden’s Curse) was in charge of the production and the album includes a lead vocal duet with Oliver Hartmann (Hartmann, Avantasia).

The Outfield "RePlay"


If you were to overlook The Outfield's most recent material taken from their brand new album, Replay, you would be missing out on material just as strong as any track from 1989's Voices of Babylon. The band's new single, 'California Sun', has climbed steadily up the A/C radio chart this week to #27. 'California Sun' picks up where Voices of Babylon left off, layered production and pristine performances.

What's also immediately apparent is the approachable radio sound that lifted the band through their first three album releases. 'California Sun' is a distinctive return to what radio used to be. It's a song marked by complex arrangements with open spaces that is carried by the main melody line that has a bounce to its gait.

John Spinks is at the top of his game as he widely adheres to his own song writing brilliance. The sound is confident and markedly manifest itself in the lead vocals of Tony Lewis and the splendid backbeat of Alan Jackman's artful drumming. With its jangling guitar chorus and soaring vocal harmonies, 'California Sun' is concise as it is immediate. In simple terms, John Spinks, Tony Lewis and Alan Jackman have re-discovered their chemistry and made a very specific sounding album that can only be identified as The Outfield, entirely successfully.

The Outfield: Replay

Sunstorm "Emotional Fire"


Joe Lynn Turner’s career has had a number of highlights. From his early days with Fandango to the Rainbow success and later on with Deep Purple and Yngwie Malmsteen, and his solo career, the New Jersey-born singer has covered a wide number of musical styles with his inimitable vocals.

Certainly he left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of Melodic Rock fans when, in 1985, after the break-up of Rainbow, Turner released his first solo album entitled “Rescue You”. He co-wrote most of the songs with keyboardist Al Greenwood (ex Foreigner). The first single, "Endlessly," received extensive airplay on radio and MTV. Tours with Night Ranger and Pat Benatar followed. He also wrote more songs for a follow up album in a similar style, but fate called him in 1988 to join the Swedish guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen for the “Odyssey” album, one of the most successful of his career.

Years later, when Turner got in touch with Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino, the idea of digging some old gems and to create an ultimate Joe Lynn Turner Melodic Rock/AOR dream came about. This brought about the release of the first SUNSTORM album in 2006 and of the follow up “House of Dreams” 3 years later.

While the first two albums basic inspiration came from the AOR catalogue of songs that Turner penned for himself or other artists of the genre, for the third album it was decided to look at Turner’s numerous vocal sessions he did in the 80’s as background vocalist for other artists. This brought to the resurrection of some Michael Bolton’s AOR gems such as “Gina” (originally included on “The Hunger” album, where Turner contributed with background vocals), and “Emotional Fire” which Bolton penned for the “Heart of Stone” album from Cher (in which Turner again appeared as background vocalist).

With production and mix once again under the expert hands of Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Place Vendome, Angra etc.) and a tracklisting rounded out by some amazing songs written by the likes of Soren Kronkvist (Crash the System, Issa), Tom and James Martin (Vega, Sunstorm, Khymera) and Daniel Palmqvist (Xorigin, The Murder of My Sweet), the third Sunstorm album “Emotional Fire” is destined to reignite the Melodic Rock passion in every fan!

Sonic Station, the new AOR sensation from Sweden!


Sonic Station is a new Westcoast AOR Project put together by Alexander Kronbrink (a swedish guitarist, composer and producer). Alexander is a young musician who learned his skills working with smooth Jazz star Jonathan Fritzén – who lived in his neighborhood. Later on – after being introduced to Lee Ritenour - Alexander started to see a clearer direction in his playing. Through Ritenour he discovered the music of such giants as Steely Dan, Kenny Loggins, composer and producer David Foster and guitarist Jay Graydon, to mention a few.

While studying music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, he teamed up with Marika Willstedt, a singer and piano player and they started writing music and playing together. This collaboration turned out to be the beginning of the Sonic Station record. Marika is today a well known artist and session musician in Sweden after appearing as pianist and teamleader in a prime time tv-show on national television. She sings and plays keyboards on the Sonic Station record and has also written most of the lyrics. Two of the songs have lyrics by Alexander’s father, Hans Kronbrink.

During the second half of the 00’s, while working on his Sonic Station project, Alexander also played the guitar with different artists and groups. Among them the thrilling side project Moonlight Sailors with, once again, his friend Jonathan Fritzén on keyboards, accompanied by drummer Aron Mellergård and bass player Henrik Linder. The last two are the founders of amazing group Dirty Loops, celebrated by both Lee Ritenour and Jay Graydon! Mellergård and Linder have also contributed with their talents on the Sonic Station record.

From the very beginning the Sonic Station project has been based in the 80’s AOR music (influenced by Toto, Mr Mister and Journey) and the West Coast-sound of Airplay and Chicago. To get the most quality out of each song Alexander, who composed ten tracks and also produced and arranged the whole record, engaged four singers with different singing styles and voices: Marika Willstedt, Magnus Bäcklund, Kristoffer Fogelmark and Tove Lo.

Backed up by a long line of session musicians and Alexander’s brilliant guitar playing Sonic Station is an expressive and warm record, where each song has an obvious and immediate hit feeling. With Sonic Station, Alexander Kronbrink has taken the 80’s into the future!

LODGIC "Nomadic Sands"


LODGIC was an American AOR group which consisted of some of the finest musicians from this musical genre including Mike and Billy Sherwood on vocals & keyboards and vocals & bass, and Jimmy Haun on guitars & vocals. They existed between 1977 and 1987.

Recorded in 1985, ‘Nomadic Sands’ was their only album being produced together with David Paich, Tom Knox and Steve Porcaro, and originally only released on vinyl on A&M Records. Next to the obvious influences by Yes and Toto, the band at the time also implemented sounds similar to the likes of Go West, Saga and Peter Gabriel. After the split of LODGIC, Michael & Billy Sherwood together with Guy Allison formed WORLD TRADE; later on the members appeared on many productions including albums by Yes, Unruly Child, The Doobie Brothers, YOSO, The Key, Sheryl Crow, Air Supply and Cher. Yesterrock with the help of Universal Music Germany now is re-releasing this sought after AOR gem for the first time on CD.

Visit Yesterrock website to get your copy of LODGIC and other great releases including Boulevard, Dare, etc...

The Peter Mayer Group "Under Your Spell" Live


"For three dates in July and August 2011, we recorded the band of musicians that I’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with for the past five years. With the sonic palette and stylistic abilities of Scott, Chris, Marc and Maggie, each night has been a new adventure. From time to time we’d be playing on a porch, in a living room or before a show and several of us would remark, 'this feels really good, we should record this.' We had been releasing our own sound board CDs after shows for several years, but never had put together a complete set of songs that could be recorded well, mixed and released as a full album. "

Peter Mayer

Westcoast Party in Paris with Week-end Millionnaire

Don't miss the special event on Thirsday december 22 at the Petit Journal Montparnasse at 9 p.m., 13 rue du Cdt Mouchotte, 75014 Paris. Call: 01 43 21 56 70. Week-end Millionnaire in concert for a special night before christmas with the "Westcoast sound" and many covers of artists such as CSN&Y, Bill LaBounty, The Eagles, Jamaes Taylor, etc... Get tickets here!



Rhino Records released Week-end Millionnaire "L'intégrale & More" on October 31st.

• The most complete retrospective of Week-end Millionnaire’s carrier, plus unreleased songs and singles.

• 53 remastered tracks on 3CDs Includes 12 previously unreleased demos & songs from 1977 to 1992.

• Also features a 16 pages booklet with liner notes by Week-end Millionnaire

Week-end Millionnaire was one of the rare French band featuring Jean Michel Navarre, Alain Thomas et Nicolas Gorodetzky playing a music inspired by American bands such as America, Eagles, CSN&Y, Poco and Beach Boys. Great harmony vocals and Californian melodies to rediscover now with that 3cd set collector available at

Michael Thompson Band "Future Past"


Cult AOR luminaries MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND return with a brand new album « Future Past » Frontiers Records is excited to announce the return of MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND with the release of the brand new album “Future Past” on February 24th in Europe and February 28th in North America.

In 1988, after working to try and get a deal with his band Slang, guitarist Michael Thompson finally got signed by Geffen Records to release one album entitled "How Long", under the Michael Thompson Band (MTB) monicker. 

On "How Long" some great studio musicians appeared as guests, in particular drummer-maestro Terry Bozzio, singer Moon Calhoun (ex The Strand), Pat Torpey (later on drummer with Mr Big), bassist Jimmy Haslip, John Elefante (Kansas), Toto's Bobby Kimball and Great White associates Michael Lardie and Wyn Davis (who also produced the album). Songwriters would include, among others, AOR stars such as: Jeff Paris, Mark Spiro, Billy Trudel and Brett Walker.

As of today “How Long” is still regarded as one of the highest examples of hi-tech AOR / West Coast, with a superb production and immaculate songwriting. “I think the album has stood the test of time with a great batch of songs and some really strong performances. It was heartfelt and I think people respond to music that comes from the heart. I'm glad that many fans of melodic rock still list this record amongst their favourites,” tells Michael Thompson.

“How Long” was reissued in 2007 with 3 bonus tracks and started a relationship between Michael Thompson and Frontiers Records, which finally brings the anticipated release of the new Michael Thompson Band album in early 2012. “I've tried to keep the new MTB album "Future Past" in the same spirit as "How Long". I'm hoping that people will hear the natural progression of my music and appreciate the new record as much as the first one,” continues Michael. “Although 22 years is quite a gap time-wise the music was recorded with the same feeling and spirit as I always had”.

For the new album Michael teamed up with the awesome singer Larry King from Soleil Moon. Larry brought a new and more rocking approach to the MTB sound, but certainly the trademark elements of songwriting and melodies are still to be found in the new album “Future Past”. In Michael Thompson words: “When I was considering singers for this new record I said to myself “Who is the best rock singer that I know?” and only one person came to mind - Larry King. The guy has such a phenomenal range and texture and it goes perfectly with my guitars. We started writing songs together a little over a year ago and from the first song, "Can't Be Right", I knew we had something special!”

 MTB 2012 lineup is rounded up by Khari Parker on drums and Alan Berliant on bass. “Larry brought them into the picture and it was a pleasure for me to work with some knew guys that I wasn't familiar with. It brought a fresh approach to the music,” says Michael.

The production of “Future Past” is just flawless and the album is destined to become soon another AOR music classic. “I think that the title kind of says it all - "Future Past"” concludes Michael. “Larry and I are both big fans of Classic Rock and AOR Melodic Rock so we just naturally infuse that love into the music that we write. It's elements of the past with a modern approach”.

Michael Thompson is one of today’s leading guitar players of the world. He was awarded the "Distinguished Alumni" award from his Alma Mater Berklee College of Music to commemorate his contributions to the music industry. Berklee's program for the event noted that "he is widely regarded as being among the elite studio session players, and his amazing list of credits includes such prominent names as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, 'N Sync, Toni Braxton, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, the Scorpions, Vince Neil, Christina Aguilera, Michael Bolton, David Foster, Bette Midler, Madonna, Babyface, En Vogue, Gloria Estefan, Stanley Clarke and Ricky Martin."

TROC 2011

Released on October 2011, TROC 2011 marks the reunion of amazing artists and longtime friends of the jazz/rock scene 40 years after their first album recorded at Château d'Erouville (France) by Yve Chamberland. 

Troc features Alex Ligertwood (ex-chanteur de Santana), André Ceccarelli, pianist Henry Giordano, guitarist Claude Engel and bassist Jannick Top.

Discover the story behind Troc reunion Here!