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Anders Norman "Just Another Mile"


The new album ”Just Another Mile” from Anders Norman will be out February 2012. With convincing songs, a unique voice, and some of Scandinavias top musicians, you have a recipe for success. On the menu youʼll find a nice rockdish with some spices of Nashville. Mastering by the 5 X Grammy Award winner Richard Dodd.

In these times of ”Idol”, ”The voice”, ”European Song Contest” and other talentshows, Anders Norman chooses a different path. He goes his own way. And it works. In the hands of Marcus Liliequist, the music reaches itʼs full potential.

This is Anders Norman ́s third album. He has performed live on TV, Guested several major radiostations. Played numerous festivals in Sweden, Germany, Finland and USA. Not to mention the many pubs and clubs he has played in. He has paid his dues.

There will be a Tour this spring. And it will rock. Anders will do a different rockshow. He will play his own songs, but he will also play songs from the bands that has influenced him over the years. The evening will contain songs from Anders Norman and familiar songs from: Journey, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Lou Gramm, TOTO, John Mellencamp,Steve Miller, Tony Carey, Joey Tempest etc...You get it?

It will be a night to remember! How many has seen ”Rain on the Scarecrow” live?

Anders Norman: It


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