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Jack Sundrud "Cage"

Matt Keating "Wrong Way Home"


Matt Keating’s 10th release and newest album, "Wrong Way Home" is a 16-song emotional epic, quietly fueled by striking melodies, poetic lyrical turns and is truly aligned with the best of the classic 1970’s songwriters. While he has most recently been classified within the Americana genre, "Wrong Way Home" seeks to revisit his original pop sensibilities, while folding in his more recently discovered alt-country “twang”. Keating’s attention to the craft of songwriting effortlessly combines the humorous with the heartfelt, as stories of lonely carousel makers and long dead beach bums abound. The tone of this collection, his debut on Sojourn Records, is tinged by nostalgia while being entirely modern. It is contemplation on life’s narrative, offering moments of joy and melancholy, epiphany and regret.

Matt has been consistently putting out critically acclaimed albums since his Alias Records debut, "Tell It To Yourself" was released in 1993. In addition, he has released 6 full-length albums, as well as 2 EP’s, including 2003’s "Tiltawhirl" released on Alan McGee’s Poptones label. He has continued to tour regularly throughout the US and Europe. Keating will be touring Europe and the UK, as well as the US, in support of his new release during 2012.

Coming off last years "Between Customers" (“Enough to lift the spirits and restore a jaded reviewers faith in new music”- Americana UK), which was noted for it’s spare and minimalist approach, "Wrong Way Home" reaches for musical heights based more on orchestration and arrangement.

In recording "Wrong Way Home", Keating looked to his long time band mate Jason Mercer (Ron Sexsmith, Ani DiFranco) to produce, as well as an all-star line-up of musicians including guitarist Tony Scherr (Bill Frisell), drummers Greg Wieczorek (Joseph Arthur, Norah Jones), and Mark Brotter (Hem), with strings provided by Claudia Chopek and horns by Shane Endsley and Dave Sewelson (Microscopic Septet).

He lives in the West Village of New York City with his wife, fellow songwriter and designer Emily Spray, and their daughter Greta Spray Keating. In addition to performing and writing, he produces other artists and teaches music and songwriting.

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