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Nostalgie California : 100% westcoastmusic webradiostation also available as a mobile app


A major event :
French major radio network Radio Nostalgie (France) has just created a 100 per cent Westcoast Music / AOR / Californian webradiostation entitled Nostalgie California, just launched on February 20th, 2012. Nostalgie California is one of the 27 webradiostations of Radio Nostalgie. You can listen to it online 24 hours a day at this address.

Nostalgie California is also available via the 100% free app Radio Nostalgie for iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android et Windows Mobile devices.

The playlist of Nostalgie California is a mix of classic hits from Westcoast Music as well rarities and new californian rock music stuff : with 100% of music. Via the mobile apps, you can select the present tune airplayed to put it on your Facebook wall. Each song airplayed is featured with the title of the song and the name of the artist/group.


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