Terje Fjelde "Julie"
Tom Kell "This Desert City"

Robert Lamm "Living Proof"


Lamm's 1st group, known as The Trondells, formed in 1962 on the southside of Chicago. The band Chicago was formed in February 1967. In the mid-90's, Lamm formed a trio with Gerry Beckley of the band America and Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys. After Wilson's death from lung cancer in February 1998, an album was released entitled "Like A Brother".

In 2004 Lamm fronted his own group The Robert Lamm Band, performing concerts in New Zealand and Los Angeles. Apart from his involvement with Chicago, Lamm has recorded a number of solo albums, beginning in 1974 with "Skinny Boy" right up to the present with "Living Proof".

With "Living Proof", Robert Lamm offers us a new collection of songs exploring new sounds and atmospheres in an other musical direction he uses to do with Chicago. And we're pleased to discover the talented Zosia who sings so perfectly on "Liquid Sky".

Read Robert's "Living Proof" Liner notes on his website to learn more about this new release.


Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN


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