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Richard Marx "Inside My Head" European release Exclusively.


Frontiers Records is honoured to welcome Richard Marx to the label for the exclusive release of “Inside My Head” - a 2 CD album set featuring rare and new material along with new recordings of his greatest hits - on June 1st in Europe. The first single “Wouldn't Let Me Love You” will be released digitally on May 1st and can be exclusively streamed in full on the Frontiers Records webradio

A gifted singer and consummate songwriter Richard Marx has left a powerful mark on the music industry over the past 20 years. With 30 million records sold, 3 Grammy Awards nominations, a Grammy Award for “Song of the Year” and an American Music Award nomination for favourite male singer Marx, who has written fourteen #1 songs and had thirteen US #1 songs on the Billboard charts, has remained a fixture on pop and adult contemporary radio for years. Marx was the first male solo artist in history to have his first 7 singles reach the top 5 on Billboard’s singles chart, including the 1 hits “Hold On to the Nights,” “Satisfied” and the worldwide classic “Right Here Waiting.”

The first CD of the “Inside My Head” set is a new studio record. It features two bonus tracks as well as collaborations with some of the most talent singer songwriters in the business including Chris Daughtry (“Had Enough” and “On The Inside”), Chad Kroeger of Nickelback (who also co-wrote “On The Inside”), Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon (who played and co-wrote “Always on Your Mind”), Jason Wade of Lifehouse (who co-wrote “Had Enough”, also released by his band on “Smoke and Mirrors”), Fee Waybill of The Tubes (“Come Running”), Dann Huff (co-producer and guitarist on “Loved”) and many others.

Marx said: “I'm excited to be putting out a new release in Europe. My fans there have been incredibly loyal and I hope they like this new music and I hope to be back over touring there soon.”

The second, bonus CD contains amazing new versions of 12 of Marx’s greatest hits, including “Right Here Waiting”, “Angelia”, “Don’t Mean Nothing” and “Keep Coming Back”. Marx added: “I wanted to have new recordings of my classic tracks because, while they were all fun to revisit and sing and play again, in a few cases I felt they needed some updating. After playing these songs live for so many years I wanted to incorporate some of the ways the songs have evolved but still retain what people seemed to like about them to begin with.”

"Player" to come back with a new EP and album


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of PLAYER to the label for the release of a yet untitled new album. Best remembered for "Baby Come Back," a song which topped the US single charts in 1978, Player original lineup included Peter Beckett (guitarist, lead vocalist), J.C. Crowley (guitarist, vocalist), Ronn Moss (bassist, vocalist) and John Friesen (drummer). After extensively playing the club scene in Southern California, Player began to develop a very distinctive edgy, yet very melodic rock style, and was signed by Robert Stigwood to his legendary RSO Records, home to The BeeGees, Eric Clapton, “Saturday Night Fever”, and “Grease”.

Among several notable accolades, Player was named Billboard's Best New Singles Artist of 1978. Eric Clapton became so impressed with Player that he invited them to be the special guest on his 1978 North American tour. They also performed with Heart, Boz Scaggs, Kenny Loggins and Gino Vannelli to name a few.

Player went on to release four albums during their active touring years until 1982. Moss left in 1981 to pursue an acting career, and has starred for the past 25 years on the daytime soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”. JC Crowley pursued a career in country Music, while Beckett continued writing for other artists and movie soundtracks. He also did an eight year stint with Little River Band starting in 1990, while releasing an acclaimed solo cd 'Beckett' in 1991.

Beckett got back together with Ronn Moss in 1995, and recorded Player's fifth album, “Lost in Reality” and toured the United States. Since then, Peter has produced, written and played on two solo CDs for Ronn Moss and composed music for “The Bold And The Beautiful”. Player restarted working on new songs and touring together in 2010. The new lineup features again original members Peter Beckett and Ronn Moss together with Rob Math (guitars), Johnny English (keyboards) and Craig Pilo (drums).

“Player has not released a cd for over 10 yrs. It's great to actually be creating in the studio for the band once again, as opposed to our many other projects”, says Peter Beckett. “The new album will feature Player's three part harmony very prominently and include the usual blend of rock and big melodies”. 

Ronn Moss adds: “It’s been quite a while since our last record release. Feels great to finally be making new music. I’d say the “stuff of life” has played an integral part of influencing all non-musical activities the last several years. Personal endeavours, other work related ventures, and just being downright lazy, have all played a part in why we haven’t done this sooner than now. But in “now’s” defense, sometimes one has to wait until “now” happens before you can actually be there.”

As a special appetizer to the new release, and in connection with a promotional trip in Italy where Peter and Ronn will appear on several major radio and TV shows in the first week of May, Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the worldwide digital release only of a 3-songs EP entitled “My Addiction” on April 30th.

The EP will also include, along with the title track, “Too Many Reasons” and a new recording of “Baby Come Back” and sets the pace for the new album’s release which is planned for the second half of 2012.

“My Addiction - as well as “Too Many Reasons” - came from co-writing sessions between Beckett and Steve Plunkett. “ I have written tons of songs with "Plunk" over the last 20 years and will continue to do so. We sifted through our joint efforts to see what would fit Player” tells Peter. "Addiction" seemed to be a great choice. This song title was actually stolen from one of our other songs. The other song was actually about addiction. This one is a love song and a lot easier to listen to.

You can order / preorder “My Addiction” now on iTunes following this LINK! 

Katrin "Frail To Fearless"


It’s been three years since the release of her last CD, "Soul Wide Open", and now Boston-based singer-songwriter Katrin is eagerly gearing up for the late spring release of her 4th self-released studio disc, "Frail To Fearless". Marking her first national release, the new album features some of the most respected players in the industry - Legendary drummer and producer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Hall & Oates, among many others), bassist Tony Levin (John Lennon, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), guitarist Bill Dillon (McCartney, Robbie Robertson, Sheryl Crow, King Crimson) and guitarist-harmonica player John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful).

Described by Metronome Magazine’s Douglas Sloan as having a voice “thick and resonating with body and soul, Katrin sings with the passion of a woman using her last breath on earth”, her career highlights include opening for Joan Armatrading, Chris Isaak, Huey Lewis & The News, and the Fixx, plus touring through Europe to the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. She also played the Sunset Jazz Club in Paris, and won a songwriting award from the Mountain Stage Newsong Festival.

The essence of a self-made musician, Katrin (last name Roush), grew up in the suburbs of Boston and started performing as a busker in Harvard Square and Faneuil Hall, where she stayed and played for three summers. "It toughened me up and made me more comfortable interacting with people'', she recalls. That journey is reflected in her voice and pure, raw and honest songs.

"Frail To Fearless" was produced by Jerry Marotta, who was first introduced to Katrin in 2009. In addition to producing the disc, Marotta plays drums throughout, as well as bass on a few songs.

On "Frail To Fearless", in addition to Marotta on drums and her band of longtime friends Scott Tarulli (electric and high strung guitars), John Harrington (acoustic, electric and high strung guitars) and bassist Alison Keslow, Katrin is backed on various tracks by a dream team of Marotta’s fellow band mates, Levin and Dillon, as well as Sebastian, who makes a special guest appearance on the track “Dreams”. The record has a singer-songwriter base, but also a soulfulness that came from her rock, soul and R&B influences. According to Katrin, "I don't consider myself just a singer-songwriter. I always felt a little too edgy for that''.

"Frail To Fearless" is a consummate project with all-original songs gleaned from Katrin's experience (notably about love's ups and downs) and all of it is rendered with the ultimately positive tone that is her calling card. According to Katrin, "I've always tried to maintain a sense of being positive even if it's a negative situation. I never write end-of-the-world type songs. I always try to find the light at the end of the tunnel''.

The first single from "Frail To Fearless", “Far Away” is Katrin’s insight on the end of a previous relationship and the video for the track was directed by Adam Moyer, a director from the top-rated cable show "American Chopper”. The new disc spans the evocative ballad "Cobblestones'' (a glimpse back at her busking days in Boston, which she co-wrote with Marotta and features guest vocals by longtime Styx band member and chart topping solo artist Lawrence Gowan, in addition to backing vocals by singer-songwriter and Leonard Cohen collaborator Anjani Thomas), the love song "Breeze'' ("the tide will take us where we need to be'', she sings), a rearranged version of her powerful anti-war track "Blame'', and a beautiful cover of Led Zeppelin’ “That’s The Way”.

Ever the hard worker, Katrin is poised to reach a new level with "Frail To Fearless" and producer Marotta envisions a bright future ahead. "She is phenomenally talented. I have worked with Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow, but I've never worked before with anyone who could do 10 takes or more on a five-and-a-half minute song and every take is consistently solid. Katrin can do that''. Enhanced by her steady work ethic, the future will be bright indeed as she continues to develop into an artist with an exceptional ability to connect to live audiences and listeners in a way that few singer-songwriters can.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

Jeff Larson "The World Over"


"Imagine a virtual living room filled with ringing guitars, velvet-toned singing, and sure-handed playing as you experience the warm-grained musical journey that is Jeff Larson's The World Over.

This set of ten original songs washes over you in melodic waves, pulsing with strong emotions and genuine feeling. There is a special quality to Larson s music that listeners can trust.

Anyone seeking respite from the often jarring clamor of day-to-day life in the 21st century can find safe harbor throughout this album. With a painterly eye for detail, Larson tells stories with themes of searching and finding, losing and longing, capturing everyday life through a clear-eyed lens, journeying near and far, ultimately leading, from song to song, to wherever listeners call home.

The music on The World Over is enriched by such top-flight vocalists as Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of the band America, Jeddrah Schmit, the daughter of Eagles bassist/singer Timothy B. Schmit, and Jeffrey Foskett, music director and part of the Brian Wilson Band.

The way Bunnell and Schmit, in particular, blend with Larson's crystal-clear vocals in shimmering harmony makes you smile and sway with the sound. Album co-producer Hank Linderman's stirring electric guitar lines span a kaleidoscope of sonic colors that arc across the landscape of Larson's songs.  World music string-man extraordinaire Bob Brozman also brings unique instrumental elements to the mix that deepen certain textures that span genres and stretch into different cultures. Fluidly flowing from chiming acoustic ballads to Latino-laced folk to cantering pop-rockers, these songs weave together beautifully.

The World Over was produced by Larson and Linderman, with the exception of This Morning in Amsterdam, which was co-produced by Gerry Beckley, and part of I Like It Better Here: Music From Home, a 2010 compilation that also included tracks from Jackson Browne, Graham Nash and Jack Tempchin, among others. This Morning in Amsterdam, an atmospheric, dream-like song, was my first introduction to Larson and his music, and it is also featured on this album. What struck me then and I hear again now is a true sense of melody, awareness and insight. Larson is a musician who has that rare ability to transform life experiences into music that engages, intrigues and resonates. Tune into The World Over and it will transport you."

Dave Zimmer, author of Crosby, Stills & Nash: The Biography

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran

Mietek Szczesniak "Signs"


Mietek Szczesniak, a critically acclaimed recording artist and long established superstar in Poland, has achieved notable milestones throughout his vocal career, including several Polish Fryderyks for Best Singer and a coveted slot representing his country at the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem.

His newest studio recording, "Signs", is also his first English language album, co-produced with American songwriter-producer Wendy Waldman. Recorded on two continents with a crew of brilliant Polish and American musicians and songwriters - and ranging in content from Arabic and Eastern influenced songs to American-style gospel tracks recorded with the legendary HB Barnum and Life Choir in Los Angeles - the album's bold vision casts Mietek as storyteller and guide to a musical world without borders. During the album's sessions, Barnum (who has arranged music for icons such as Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Frank Sinatra and numerous others) noted to Mietek and Waldman that they are "building a new culture" with this powerful new project.

Hailing from the ancient city of Kalisz, one of the oldest in Europe, Mietek started singing in front of live audiences by the time he was six. As a very gifted singer. at the age of twenty one, he made his official debut at the Polish Song Festival, where he won the main prize. Hitting the charts immediately after beginning his recording career in 1990, Mietek has released numerous hit records as an artist as well as a songwriter for other acts.

Together with Edyta Gorniak, Mietek recorded "Dumka Na Dwa Serca", the most popular Polish film soundtrack song of all time and a vocal tour-de-force for both artists. The track cemented Mietek's reputation as the finest male singer in Poland, an opinion which is widely held today.

As a Pole, he sits at the crossroads of many rich musical traditions, both eastern and western, all of which appear in his vocal style, the production values in his recordings, his superb songwriting, and the wide variety of artists with whom he has collaborated. His insatiable curiosity to explore new musical worlds has led him to work in many fields: world music, pop, gospel, jazz, classical, soul, funk, and Brazilian music. His influences come both from the west and the east - a passion for American pop and jazz combines with a love of Arabic and Asian music, all reflected in his vocal approach.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

Josh Abbott Band "Small Town Family Dream"


The Josh Abbott Band has rapidly grown from a local West Texas act to one of the fastest rising independent bands in country music. With their single 'Oh, Tonight" rising to #44 on the Billboard Country Chart and playing in upwards of 230 shows a year to packed houses across the West Coast, Southeast, and Mid-West as well as their home state of Texas, The Josh Abbott Band continues to garner success with the recent release of their new album "Small Town Family Dream" & single "Touch".

Jon Cleary "Occapella!"


"Having fun with the songs of Allen Toussaint" is how Jon Cleary describes his new record... a celebration of great songs put through Cleary's unique set of funky filters.

Featuring Mac Rebbenack (Dr. John), Bonnie Raitt and The Absolute Monster Gentlemen, there are unexpected twists and turns on this journey through the Toussaint songbook that will keep suprising you till the last piano glissando fades away.

New Old Project for Richard Page...


"Recently, I've been going through old songs, some of which I haven't heard for years. Some gave me that "oh wow...that's pretty good" moment and I started to think how I could create an album of these older songs? It occurred to me, and this is something my wife has always maintained, that many of the demos I've done would be difficult to improve on, especially vocally. When I'm writing and recording at the same time, the first burst of energy and excitement tends to create an indelible vibe. How can you reproduce something that just spontaneously happened? Oh sure, you can go back and try to duplicate it, but many times it falls short. So I thought, why not just pick an albums worth of these demos, polish them up a bit with some mastering and put them out? That's what I'm working on now and I'm really excited about it.  As you may know, I've written songs for many other artists, and most of these were intended for that purpose. Also, as with the Mr. Mister album PULL, some of these songs are already being bootlegged around on the Internet, but the audio quality is awful. So that's what I've been doing. I'm hoping to get this finished in the next month or so, before the summer Ringo tour. I think you'll enjoy many of these songs as I do. I've decided to add some written anecdotes along with each song about where, when and why they were written. Might make it a bit more interesting. Hope everyone is well and happy. Talk soon."  Richard Page   

Pat Mastelotto "Recidivate"


Pat Mastelotto, the internationally-renowned drummer whose pioneering work with King Crimson, Mr. Mister and XTC has cemented him as one of experimental music and pop/prog-rock's most talented percussionists, releases "Recidivate", a collection of outtakes, rarities and highlights from the past 20 years of his career on Mar. 20 via Trey Gunn's 7d Media.

"I've been making records for about 35 years," explains Mastelotto, "but never put one out under my own name.  I've never had that desire.  I like to collaborate, to exchange energy with musical pals, to start with nothing and leave hours later with something.   Over the years, I've been blessed to get to play on some wonderful music, with some special friends and felt it was time to let others hear these special moments."

Pat Mastelotto: Recidivate

The Warren Haynes Band "Live From The Moody Theater"


The Warren Haynes Band: Live From The Moody Theater, (Stax/Concord Music Group) a stunning 2-disc DVD/CD package capturing the band's blazing performance in Austin, TX late last year will be released on April 24th, 2012. The 2.5-hour show, shot in HD and recorded in 5.1 audio, features several cuts from Haynes' GRAMMY-nominated, Billboard Top 20 solo release Man In Motion as well as Hendrix's "Spanish Castle Magic," Steely Dan's "Pretzel Logic," Sam Cooke's classic "A Change Is Gonna Come," Warren's live staple "Soul Shine" and more.

Guests include the Groove Line horns and 2012 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Ian McLagan of The Faces.

Don't miss Warren Haynes in concert with Gov't Mule on July in Paris. Check out VERYSHOW for more infos!