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It’s been three years since the release of her last CD, "Soul Wide Open", and now Boston-based singer-songwriter Katrin is eagerly gearing up for the late spring release of her 4th self-released studio disc, "Frail To Fearless". Marking her first national release, the new album features some of the most respected players in the industry - Legendary drummer and producer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Hall & Oates, among many others), bassist Tony Levin (John Lennon, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), guitarist Bill Dillon (McCartney, Robbie Robertson, Sheryl Crow, King Crimson) and guitarist-harmonica player John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful).

Described by Metronome Magazine’s Douglas Sloan as having a voice “thick and resonating with body and soul, Katrin sings with the passion of a woman using her last breath on earth”, her career highlights include opening for Joan Armatrading, Chris Isaak, Huey Lewis & The News, and the Fixx, plus touring through Europe to the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. She also played the Sunset Jazz Club in Paris, and won a songwriting award from the Mountain Stage Newsong Festival.

The essence of a self-made musician, Katrin (last name Roush), grew up in the suburbs of Boston and started performing as a busker in Harvard Square and Faneuil Hall, where she stayed and played for three summers. "It toughened me up and made me more comfortable interacting with people'', she recalls. That journey is reflected in her voice and pure, raw and honest songs.

"Frail To Fearless" was produced by Jerry Marotta, who was first introduced to Katrin in 2009. In addition to producing the disc, Marotta plays drums throughout, as well as bass on a few songs.

On "Frail To Fearless", in addition to Marotta on drums and her band of longtime friends Scott Tarulli (electric and high strung guitars), John Harrington (acoustic, electric and high strung guitars) and bassist Alison Keslow, Katrin is backed on various tracks by a dream team of Marotta’s fellow band mates, Levin and Dillon, as well as Sebastian, who makes a special guest appearance on the track “Dreams”. The record has a singer-songwriter base, but also a soulfulness that came from her rock, soul and R&B influences. According to Katrin, "I don't consider myself just a singer-songwriter. I always felt a little too edgy for that''.

"Frail To Fearless" is a consummate project with all-original songs gleaned from Katrin's experience (notably about love's ups and downs) and all of it is rendered with the ultimately positive tone that is her calling card. According to Katrin, "I've always tried to maintain a sense of being positive even if it's a negative situation. I never write end-of-the-world type songs. I always try to find the light at the end of the tunnel''.

The first single from "Frail To Fearless", “Far Away” is Katrin’s insight on the end of a previous relationship and the video for the track was directed by Adam Moyer, a director from the top-rated cable show "American Chopper”. The new disc spans the evocative ballad "Cobblestones'' (a glimpse back at her busking days in Boston, which she co-wrote with Marotta and features guest vocals by longtime Styx band member and chart topping solo artist Lawrence Gowan, in addition to backing vocals by singer-songwriter and Leonard Cohen collaborator Anjani Thomas), the love song "Breeze'' ("the tide will take us where we need to be'', she sings), a rearranged version of her powerful anti-war track "Blame'', and a beautiful cover of Led Zeppelin’ “That’s The Way”.

Ever the hard worker, Katrin is poised to reach a new level with "Frail To Fearless" and producer Marotta envisions a bright future ahead. "She is phenomenally talented. I have worked with Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow, but I've never worked before with anyone who could do 10 takes or more on a five-and-a-half minute song and every take is consistently solid. Katrin can do that''. Enhanced by her steady work ethic, the future will be bright indeed as she continues to develop into an artist with an exceptional ability to connect to live audiences and listeners in a way that few singer-songwriters can.

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