Pat Mastelotto "Recidivate"
Jon Cleary "Occapella!"

New Old Project for Richard Page...


"Recently, I've been going through old songs, some of which I haven't heard for years. Some gave me that "oh wow...that's pretty good" moment and I started to think how I could create an album of these older songs? It occurred to me, and this is something my wife has always maintained, that many of the demos I've done would be difficult to improve on, especially vocally. When I'm writing and recording at the same time, the first burst of energy and excitement tends to create an indelible vibe. How can you reproduce something that just spontaneously happened? Oh sure, you can go back and try to duplicate it, but many times it falls short. So I thought, why not just pick an albums worth of these demos, polish them up a bit with some mastering and put them out? That's what I'm working on now and I'm really excited about it.  As you may know, I've written songs for many other artists, and most of these were intended for that purpose. Also, as with the Mr. Mister album PULL, some of these songs are already being bootlegged around on the Internet, but the audio quality is awful. So that's what I've been doing. I'm hoping to get this finished in the next month or so, before the summer Ringo tour. I think you'll enjoy many of these songs as I do. I've decided to add some written anecdotes along with each song about where, when and why they were written. Might make it a bit more interesting. Hope everyone is well and happy. Talk soon."  Richard Page   


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