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Chris Antblad "A New Dawn"


The swedish grammy nominated artist, producer and composer Chris Antblad delivers a smashhit album for all lovers of well produced american rock in the same vein as Journey, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Stan Meissner and Toto to name a few comparisons...

Chris Antblad has worked as a professional songwriter and producer, now going on 17 years. This has been a fruitful venture, with co-operations with many of the greatest writers and producers in the world. His work spans over many different genres, both domestically and internationally. 
Successful co-operations with masters of the trade like Paul Carrack, Joe Lynn Turner, Randy Goodrum, Eric Martin, John Bettis, Brett James, Jennifer Kimball, Gary Baker, Matt Johnson, Walt Aldridge, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Jay Graydon, Michael Jay, Michael Garvin, Andre Pessis as well as production services for Major labels and independents, has lead long standing working relationships, resulting in multi-platinum record sales.

As a writer, Chris has sold over 1M records.

In the last years, Chris has enjoyed success on the domestic market, with a number of hugely popular songs and major singles, as well as gold and platinum selling albums, with a handful of the most successful artists in Sweden ever.

On top of this, Chris has on the side of the writing and producing, enjoyed the artist side of the industry, as a prolific singer in several AOR projects, as well as country and rock. The critically acclaimed Spin Gallery album "Standing Tall", the brain-child of Chris, as well as the Timberville project, that reads as a who's who of the last 30 years of popular music, about to be released by Atenzia records in the spring of 2012. The album holds collaborations with songwriting greats, such as Desmond Child, Andreas Carlsson, Gary Baker, TIm Ryan, Sharon Vaughn, Eric Bazilian, John Bettis, Brett James, as well as legendary musicians like, Brent Mason, Stuart Duncan and Dan Dugmore.

Most recently, Chris has turned his attention to more solo-oriented material, and will on the 1st of Feb, 2012, release his second solo rock-album, titled "A new dawn". This following the popular "Century" album, has already been received very well, and time will tell what the future has in store.

He was also the singer, producer and songwriter in the cult-rated Swedish hi-tech AOR band Spin Gallery.

Chris Antblad: A New Dawn


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