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Marc Jordan interview in Paris

June 23, 2012, we have had the chance to set up a Marc Jordan interview in Paris. Marc Jordan is a amazing Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer, session musician, and actor. The last time he did a concert in Paris was at Disney Village in 1997... What a great memory!

Here, Marc speaks of his past career : The "Mannequin" (1978) and "Blue Desert" (1979) albums period as well as the LP gem : "A Hole in the Wall" (1983). Also, he tells about his friends Bruce Gaitsch and Janey Clewer, also about his beginning career as an actor in "Score : A Hockey Movie" (with Olivia Newton-John) and about his last album "Crucifix in Dreamland".

We do add his very talented wife Amy Sky has just released a new album "Alive & Awake" and their daughter Zoe Sky Jordan is a great singer-songwriter to discover as a solo artist and featured in the band Petty Victories.

(Thanks to Marc Jordan)

Marc Jordan Interview - Part 1

Marc Jordan Interview - Part 2

Zoe Sky Jordan "Coming Up Strangers" live (2011)


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