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Jim Messina "LIVE" cd & Dvd


This CD is "An intimate Evening" of "Acoustic and Electric" music with consument musicians performing the original musical arrangements. Jim Messina performs songs he either wrote, recorded or produced while performing with The Buffalo Springfield, POCO, Loggins & Messina and his solo career. This particular "LIVE" in concert CD (and DVD) was produced for his fans and those music lovers who have followed Jim’s career from its beginning in 1966 to the present day. So sit back in the comfort of your home to either watch the "LIVE" DVD In Concert, or simply relax in your favorite CD listening environment, close your eyes and Jim will place you in a "Front Row Center Seat" in your own private concert hall for a musical journey of his legendary career. This album is also available "LIVE" on DVD at

Jim Messina: "Live" At the Clark Center for the Performing Arts

Johnny Colla "I Hear Voices"


For close to four decades now Johnny Colla has been a fixture on the San Francisco Bay Area music scene and beyond. Probably best known as saxman/guitarist/vocalist/songwriter with Huey Lewis and The News, Johnny's professional career goes back to the early seventies when Van Morrison picked his band up for a couple tours. No more than a year later Johnny landed a seat playing with Sly and The Family Stone, and as he likes to recall, Sly "taught me everything not to do in the music business." Proof that if you look hard enough there's a life lesson in every experience.

There were other attempts at a career and success along the way, but throughout it all Johnny and Huey were conspiring to start something new back in Marin County. By the end of the seventies and several name changes later ("The Fools," "The Meteors," and "American Express" amongst others) the band settled on "The News." Over the next year or so the lads were feverishly writing, recording and performing whenever they could, for whoever would have them. By 1979 "Huey Lewis and The News" landed a record deal and they were off and running; the rest is a rich, intoxicating  history, and a few chapters have yet to be written.

Besides the aforementioned job description, Johnny wears a few other hats with HLN (producing, arranging, directing, engineering, etc.) Between all that and other artist's outside projects, he never wore the solo hat as much as he'd wished. 2002 brought us "Lucky Devil" - Johnny's well-received first offering - but HLN business and family obligations kept him from a follow-up . . . until now. Something clicked with Johnny several years ago and the focus shifted; he reshuffled the deck and once again "The Lucky Devil" took a few chances. Life was no longer about what was or is, but "what could be." Come on in and take a peek at a remarkable talent, engaging tales and trails, and some pretty cool music!

Get Johnny's new record "I Hear Voices" here !

The Zen Road Pilots, new band featuring members of Billy Satellite


The Zen Road Pilots are a three-piece bluesadelic rock band in the classic tradition. They combine the psychedelic blues of the sixties with gorgeous melodies, and hit songs with free-wheeling jams that inspire the mind and motivate the feet.

Add two world-class singers, and you have yourself a huge sound in a very small package. The driving force behind this band is the rock-solid rhythm section, comprised of the intricate bass playing of Ira Walker and the dynamic instinctive drumming of Tom “Fee” Falletti, who have a lock on the pocket.

Soaring over this sturdy foundation are the high-flying guitars of Monty Byrom, who deftly combines ripping psychedelic guitar riffs with sweet, soulful melodies. The members of the Pilots are three-quarters of the popular eighties rock band, Billy Satellite, which had a couple of hits on Capitol records with their songs, “Satisfy Me” and “I Wanna Go Back”, for which they made videos that showed on MTV in its infancy. They did very well but got caught in a shake-up at the record company that prevented their follow-up effort from ever reaching the street. Billy Satellite broke apart in the ensuing mêlée, and while each of the members of the band went on to great successes of their own, they always felt that they had let something special slip away.

Flash forward twenty-five years to the present, where their reunion has found them inspired to create new music together born out of brotherhood and bonded by time. In the years between, Monty Byrom was the front man for two successful bands over the next ten years. After a very well-received debut album on Mika/Polydor Records with his band New Frontiers, he made his mark as the talented lead singer for MCA Records’ phenomenon, Big House. The sultry country rock and blues band dazzled the industry with gold sales of their self-titled debut album in 1997, capping their successes with a 1998 Academy of Country Music nomination for “Top New Vocal Group of the Year”.

Later, Byrom joined forces with Eddie Money, producing and playing on five of his albums, and has had the good fortune to write and record with several top artists, including Brent Mydland of the Grateful Dead, Rita Coolidge, Bernie Taupin, Beth Hart, Barbra Streisand, Don Felder and Timothy B. Schmidt of The Eagles, Motown’s Waylon, and many others. Most recently, Byrom has been filling-in for his long-time friend and mentor, Buck Owens, who passed away not long ago, by singing with his band, The Buckaroos. Ira Walker’s journey led him through stints with Bay Area bluesman Sy Klopps, and The Trichromes, featuring Neal Schon from Journey, Bill Kruetzman of the Grateful Dead, and legendary lyricist Robert Hunter, but it was his crafty independent release, “Yahoo Bar-B-Q”, that won him universal acclaim among his peers. He has also written and performed with a star-studded list of music icons, including Steve Miller, Eddie Money, Carlos Santana, Brian May, and Joe Satriani, among others.

Most recently, Walker was nominated for a Grammy as a producer, and he has been honing his singer/songwriter chops with impressive solo performances of his unique style of blues, soul, and rock.
Fee Falletti immediately found a home with longtime musical partners, Danny Chauncey of 38 Special and Brad Gillis from Night Ranger and Ozzy Ozbourne in the world-famous Alameda All Stars, and became one of the friends in Gregg Allman and Friends. After a year in Tom Johnston’s Doobies offshoot, Border Patrol, he helped form the rock band Barking At Flies with Montrose lead singer, Paul Holgate.

The Zen Road Pilots combine a relentless rocking attack with heartfelt, honest performances. Whether up-tempo or down-in-the-pocket, this band rocks hard. Their songs are uplifting and moving and will invite you to become Pilots of the Zen Road.

Pride Of Lions "Immortal"


Frontiers Records is excited to announce the return of PRIDE OF LIONS with the release of their anticipated fourth studio album entitled “Immortal” on September 21st in Europe and September 24th in North America.

The 11 tracks new album is everything Melodic Rock fans expect from these guys: powerful vocals from Toby Hitchcock and Jim Peterik, amazing music from the Pride Of Lions band and guest musicians, and of course epic songs from the pen of Grammy-winning songwriter and founding member of Survivor, Jim Peterik.

“After producing and writing the songs for Jimi Jamison’s wonderful 2009 release, “Crossroads Moment”, I needed a minute or two to get my juices back flowing in the direction of writing a great new Pride Of Lions record. When Toby decided to do his solo album, this was the perfect time for reflection. Once I started writing, the flood gates just opened up. I feel this is the cd to put POL on the map once and for all” says Peterik.

Indeed all the pieces are there that made Pride Of Lions the group to watch back in 2003 with their self-titled debut record on Frontiers. Timeless songs such as “It’s Criminal”, “Sound Of Home” and “Gone” are still on the i-pods and cd players of thousands of rock fans worldwide, but Toby Hitchcock's voice this time has gained a new maturity and depth while sacrificing none of his incredible 4 octave range.

“When I was approached by Serafino Perugino (Frontiers Records President and guiding light) to do the next POL record I knew he wouldn’t settle for less than my very best as a songwriter and producer. I couldn’t let him or the fans down - so I really got down to business,” continues Jim.

The results speak for themselves. Joined again by Jim's long time musical partner Larry Millas the album is a sonic powerhouse. Back up vocals are supplied by Thom Griffin ex of Trillion and a new rock tenor on the scene Marc Scherer. The title track is sheer POL magic “Immortal” with its key line: “For the thousand times we fail, it’s the one thing we did right, that leaves a mark forever on this world- and makes us Immortal.” “Delusional”, another key cut (chosen to become the first single and music video) tackles the subject of the way we as a people overprescribe medication to young people that may be a bit different from the norm, to make them conform with the status quo- thus choking off their brilliant uniqueness.
 Of course the power ballads are there as always: “Everything Money Can’t Buy”, the melancholy gem, “Are You The Same Girl” and “Sending My Love”.

“For me,” states Toby Hitchcock, the pivotal song on this cd is “Sending My Love”. I’m a sucker for a great ballad and this one spoke to my soul. Being a new father, it gets more and more heartbreaking to be away from my loved ones on the road. I love the road, don’t get me wrong, but its tough being separated from them as well.” The rockers, of course, rock as hard as ever. The album’s closer, “Ask Me Yesterday” explores the natural wisdom we seem to lose over time. “If It Doesn’t Kill me” explores the Nietzschian quote: “What doesn’t kill me- makes me stronger!”

“Another strong rocker, in my opinion, is “Vital Signs,” says Peterik. “It’s a song I started back in 1984 while making Vital Signs with Survivor. I often like to have a song be the title cut- ie When Seconds Count, Eye Of The Tiger, Too Hot To Sleep, Caught In The Game etc. But this time I couldn’t quite finish this tune- until finally this year.”

Songs Of The Century "An All Star Tribute To Supertramp"


From Billy Sherwood, the producer of the groundbreaking Pink Floyd tribute albums Back Against The Wall and Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon comes this musical celebration to one of the most important bands of Progressive, Art Rock music - Supertramp!

Includes exclusive new covers of the band s biggest hit singles The Logical Song, Take The Long Way Home, and Give A Little Bit PLUS fan favorites Breakfast In America, Crime Of The Century, Bloody Well Right and more!

Featuring members of Asia, Yes, King Crimson, The Doors, Deep Purple, XTC, Toto, Mr. Mister, Dream Theater, Nektar, Porcupine Tree, Gentle Giant, Renaissance, Rainbow & more!

Tracklist: 1. Breakfast In America - John Wetton (Asia) & Larry Fast (Peter Gabriel) 2. Take The Long Way Home - John Wesley (Porcupine Tree) 3. The Logical Song - Mickey Thomas (Starship), Steve Morse (Deep Purple) & Tony Kaye (Yes) 4. Give A Little Bit - Richard Page (Mr. Mister) & Peter Banks (Yes) 5. It's Raining Again - Colin Moulding (XTC) & Geoff Downes (Yes/Asia) 6. Crime Of The Century - Billy Sherwood (Yes), Rick Wakeman (Yes) & Tony Levin (King Crimson) 7. Dreamer - Annie Haslam (Renaissance) & David Sancious (Bruce Springsteen s E Street Band) 8. Goodbye Stranger - Billy Sherwood (Yes), Gary Green (Gentle Giant) & Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) 9. Rudy - Roye Albrighton (Nektar) & Steve Porcaro (Toto) 10. Bloody Well Right - Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow) & Dave Kerzner 11. School - Rod Argent (The Zombies) & Robby Krieger (The Doors) 12. Let The World Revolve - Chris Squire (Yes) & Tony Kaye (Yes)

The Life And Times Of Frank Biner


Strokeland Records is proud to release THE LIFE AND TIMES OF FRANK BINER. Many Strokeland fans may remember Frank as a tremendously talented guitarist / singer / songwriter from the Bay Area who worked often with Tower of Power members and friends.

Unfortunately, Frank passed away unexpectedly in May of 2001. In 1982, Frank and his good friend Doc Kupka came together with Emilio Castillo, Jeff Tamelier, and many other great musicians in Toronto to record. The sessions produced thirteen tracks featuring mostly original songs written by Doc Kupka, Frank Biner, and Emilio Castillo, along with two covers of classic Soul tunes. The tracks were never released and remained locked away for thirty years.

Now, with fresh studio mixes, these great tracks will be made available to the public in memory of the great Frank Biner. This is a chance to hear previously unreleased nuggets of musical history rescued from the vault.