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The Life And Times Of Frank Biner


Strokeland Records is proud to release THE LIFE AND TIMES OF FRANK BINER. Many Strokeland fans may remember Frank as a tremendously talented guitarist / singer / songwriter from the Bay Area who worked often with Tower of Power members and friends.

Unfortunately, Frank passed away unexpectedly in May of 2001. In 1982, Frank and his good friend Doc Kupka came together with Emilio Castillo, Jeff Tamelier, and many other great musicians in Toronto to record. The sessions produced thirteen tracks featuring mostly original songs written by Doc Kupka, Frank Biner, and Emilio Castillo, along with two covers of classic Soul tunes. The tracks were never released and remained locked away for thirty years.

Now, with fresh studio mixes, these great tracks will be made available to the public in memory of the great Frank Biner. This is a chance to hear previously unreleased nuggets of musical history rescued from the vault.


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