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ZoSiA was born and raised in Poland. Although she has never had formal music lessons, ZoSia obtained her first level of music while attending primary school. Between the ages six and thirteen, ZoSia learned the basics of percussion and piano and she also sang in the mandatory school choir. It was during these years she studied classical music, which gave her a solid foundation in which to expand her music abilities. In high school, the opportunity to study music was gone, so ZoSia continued to practice and learn on her own.

She started to compose lyrics and music when she was only fourteen. At this time, she was also singing in a band that played mainly jazz and bosa nova songs. She was now getting paid to perform in front of audiences for the first time ever. THIS, was the beginning of her music career. When ZoSia was around sixteen or seventeen, she concentrated more on her piano skills and she began to play pop and rock music. A couple years later, at the age of nineteen, ZoSia joined a new band where she met Tomek the drummer, her future husband. They began to compose music together, as well as perform. Eventually they moved to Denmark to promote ZoSia’s music career and they lived there with their three beautiful children for five years.

Recently, they moved back to Poland, their home country, and are now enjoying time with family and friends while pursuing new musical endeavors. It was on MySpace that ZoSia's music came to the attention of Jason Scheff, who is the lead tenor and bass player for the famous American band Chicago. While touring over in Europe in 2008, the members of Chicago met up with ZoSia and Tomek. Robert Lamm and Jason Scheff decided to help ZoSia by becoming Executive Producers for her first CD which is titled S.I.N.G. It was recently released and is quickly growing in popularity in many countries around the world.

After moving back to Poland on 2009 ZoSia appeared several times in TV shows and a huge music events like Polish National Song Festival or Eurovision Song Contest. ZoSia works in her very own home recording studio "LAB" where she creates new ideas. This have helped her with collaboration with founding member of Chicago, Robert Lamm.

In january 2012 Robert Lamm released his next solo album called "Living Proof". ZoSia co-wrote and sang on 3 from 10 songs on the album...

Zosia: S.i.n.g.


Great article ZoSia..I wish you all the best in your music endeavors!

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