Steve Augeri "Rich Man's World" & "Home This Christmas Time"
Jimi Jamison "Live At Firefest"

Bernie Chiaravalle "All Or Nothing"

It's hard to imagine the amount of dedication, commitment, focus and sheer energy it takes to complete a record when you're touring the world as a lead guitarist for a popular artist, as well as producing yet another musical project. For Chiaravalle (pronounced ("shaira velley") it simply comes down to passion. It's not a matter of choice; it's just creative necessity. Not that he doesn't absolutely love the job he's had with Michael McDonald for the past 24 years, it's just that he has music he needs to make and artistic statements of his own to offer.

And Chiaravalle has done that in a very complete way with "All Or Nothing", his 5th record, on which he supplies all the vocals and plays all the instruments (with the exception of Tommy Oliverio playing mandolin on "Bound To Fall"). All of the songs were written by Bernie alone on this record. "I had a lot of personal feelings and emotions to express while writing this record and I felt to really say what I felt, I need to write alone".

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