Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns New Live DVD
Tom Snow "Original Demos" featuring The Unforgettable Voice of Warren Wiebe.

CTA "Sacred Ground"

This has been a long time coming… Time has passed, lessons learned, redemption found, and, at 64 years old, Danny Seraphine is ready to make this happen! CTA (California Transit Authority) new CD “Sacred Ground” has been in the works for over two and a half years. It’s finally time to get the music into the hands of the people.

Original member and drummer of the " Chicago Transit Authority" which became known at "Chicago", Danny Seraphine is back! The new CTA, as in "California Transit Authority", features Seraphine and several other equally well known and incredible artists. The other band members Seraphine picked up along the way include Marc Bonilla (guitar), Travis Davis (bass), Wes Quave and Will Champlin (lead vocals), and Ed Roth (keyboards).


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