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Annie Keating "For Keeps"

New-York based singer-songwriter Annie Keating's 5th album, "For Keeps" is indeed a keeper. Beautifully crafted songs combined with musical hooks and punches knock the listener in the chest, making this album an instant classic. With refreshing honesty, grit and timelessness, Keating and her band of musical magic makers achieve a sound that is both complex and simple, new and vintage. The first song gets its hooks in you and after 12 tracks you just want more.

This Brooklyn-based songwriter knows how to write and deliver beautiful songs with a magical earthly rich voice and arrangement that transfixes. She has picked up a great (and well served) reputation over the course of her 4 previous albums, but here on "For Keeps" Keating truly shines. No frills or posturing - her sultry voice cuts straight to the heart. On her 5th album release, she has arrived as an international songwriting tour de force.

Talent spotted by BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris, Keating appeared live on the Bob Harris show in 2008 and has gone on to perform at leading national and international festivals including Take Root (Holland), the Glasgow Americana Festival (Scotland), the NJ Folk Festival, NXNE in Canada, NEMO and MEANY music fests and the Mountain Stage New Song finals.

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Keating has performed on the bill with the likes of John Haitt, Dan Bern, Natalia Zuckerman, Bon Iver, Hot Club of Cowtown, Anne Heaton, Boris McCutcheon, Shannon McNally and many others.



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