Laneslide "Flying High"
Lenny Leblanc "Anthology"

Jeff Pevar "From The Core"

For his work over the past three decades, Jeff Pevar deserves the Academy Award for best musical actor in a supporting role. The guitarist has toured or recorded in the bands of Ray Charles, Rickie Lee Jones, James Taylor, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and many others. Yet, he’s never released an album of his own. Until now.

“From the Core” is a collection of 12 acoustic-based songs, all of which display the virtuosity that has kept Pevar busy through the decades.
He’s always enjoyed being a supporting player — on Tuesday, he opens a month-long Australian tour as a member of Rickie Lee Jones’ band. But he’s been apprehensive about stepping into the limelight himself. “I’ve wanted to put out a record my whole life, but to do a Jeff Pevar CD has always been daunting to me,” he says.

Read the post by Kevin Widdison of the Daily Courier HERE


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