PARIS "Only One Life"
Ronny Johansson "Steadfast"

Sedona "Free"

Sedona is located in arizona, not to far from the famous and great grand canyon. the red stones whichwere set on the indians spirit ground inspired the band to name them : "sedona band".

This magic back country gave the creativity to the band, in order to relate and sing their life and, are their experience with you. all the band appreciate the back country of red stones of arizona and the wild space of utha, nevada and california. They also travel in east to celebrate their success in new york, where they discover manhattan, the jazz club and the new tendency musical way of life. The passion for the united states guides the sedona band in its creativity. They realize themselves in this new california country music style. their dream is to produce them in "blue notes club", in greenwich village ny. The choise of their instruments and sonority make their success in europe.

Patrick and Erick are the base of this musical formation. They knew theselves 30 years ago to elaborate adverting music for big companies in europe. they create from that, a lot songs and step by step erick found his creativity when he travelled for business, all over the world. He was so amazing by the wild and huge space in different states and lands in usa. They decided both to change their life and went away on 66 road to discover the and live one part of historical way of musical life in united states. their passion for guitar and mythic musicians and bands like Chicago, Foreigners, Alan Jackson, Tim Mac Grow, Clint Black, Terry Clark... and many other country celebrities in blues and rock'n roll broyght them the technical and feeling to elaborate their own creativity, style in respect of tradition.

Erick is a "globe explorer" and patrick is waiting the creativity to arrange like a "wizard", the Erick's compositions. thus, the musical invention of erick, takes off wish the sublimation of Patrick arrangements. the combination ! so incredible and so powerful. that's it...! so, Sedona is honored to present you the new album, "free" which represent more than two years of hard job, but so pleasure and great. despite of trouble period of creation, this album was so true authentic like a trip in alaska.

The heart feeling permit to write and create the most sensitive music never created since the beginning of the Sedona band. The target is to awake in your soul the sensibility and try to bring the "dream catcher". Dreaming of ideal life, in wild country, to save you and protect you.

Erick dedicates this album to all people, friends, family who help him to cross one part of his life so sorrow and injustice in the different tracks, he speaks about his life, sentiments and try to explain the hope in new future better life. This is an hymn to rebuild life, to love where everybody can find himself. This album is extremely positive and with simple words, try to explain that life is so wonderful. In his lodge in alaska, Erick try to relate his experience, what he sees and how he is going to do reach the good way of life and happiness. enjoy this moment ... have a great musical trip. faithfully.

Sedona: Golden Valley


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