Nathalie Maines "Mother"
Bagfed "Throw It Away"

Renaja "Made Of Love..."

Rune used to live in London as a child and started to be interested by music at a very young age. Her first recording was for a BBC radio program as a member of a choir. She was 10.

Back in Japan, she started writing english lyrics for Japanese artsits and singing on a few compilation records. 10 years ago, she met Genji Arai, her producer and they released two cds "Souls" & "Falling Rain" under the name Renaja. Then came the official release of "That Lady" signed on Vivid Sound records (Japan).


Last february, Rune met Bruce Gaitsch in Tokyo during a Peter Cetera concert. At the same period of time, Janey Clewer (Bruce's wife) released her new cd for Vivid Sound and invited Rune to open for her release party in Tokyo. Bruce joined them on stage to play on "La Isla Bonita" which features on the new album "Made Of Love". "Made Of Love" also includes a Janey song "Ooh, Ooh".

If you like smooth jazz/westcoast with a bit of Bossa Nova and great vocals, it's time to discover Renaja's "Made Of Love".


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