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Jude Johnstone "Shatter"

Jude Johnstone is one of the most respected and acclaimed songwriters of her generation. Johnstone’s lyrical depth and memorable melodies have attracted an impressive list of recording legends that have covered her songs including Johnny Cash, Stevie Nicks, Bette Midler, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Trisha Yearwood, Jennifer Warnes, and Clarence Clemmons. Music supervisors have begun to spotlight Johnstone as well, with television shows Lifetime’s “Army Wives”, Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie” and Fox’s “Lie To Me” using her songs in emotional scenes and ending credits.

"Shatter" is Johnstone’s 6th release on BoJak, returning her to the early roots of her music around the time “Big Man” Clarence Clemmons discovered her. "Shatter" brings her closer to the gospel, blues and reggae tracks found on her early demos when she first arrived in Los Angeles. "Shatter" features two songs from those days, “Free Man”, and "When Does Love Get Easier”, with soaring background vocals by Maxayn Lewis.

Johnstone states “'Shatter', is about reclaiming your power by giving it up and looking deep at your shortcomings, while finding the courage to change. The old self shatters in order to find a better self”.

“Touchdown Jesus” was inspired when she visited Dr John in New Orleans. When explaining directions to his home, Dr John told Jude, “When you get to the statue of Touchdown Jesus take a left”. Johnstone could not pass up that imagery and wrote “Touchdown Jesus,” which simmers with a sultry New Orleans attitude. “The Underground Man” is reminiscent of a Tom Waits’ tune with evocative lyrics and phrasing.

Title track, “Shatter”, is a gospel prayer, of sorts, which makes use of a New Orleans style brass ensemble and the heartfelt vocals of Johnstone, and the incomparable Maxayn Lewis. It is powerful, poignant and thought provoking and a true indicator of the depth of wisdom and creativity from which Jude works.

"Shatter" is Johnstone’s most diverse collection so far, spanning several musical genres, delving honestly, and even eerily at times (i.e. Tom Waits, Randy Newman) into a world of experiences that have led her characters down a darkened path only to emerge from it, ultimately.

Jude Johnstone: Shatter
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