Jude Johnstone "Shatter"
Susan James "Driving Toward The Sun"

Tom Kell & Emiko Woods "Glory Bound"

Music industry veteran singer-songwriter Tom Kell ('Lonely Town', 'One Sad Night', 'Angeltown', 'Complicated Luck', 'This Desert City') delivers a fresh and deeply spiritual album with a widely embraced sound. Written and performed as a collaboration with newcomer Emiko Woods, the result is like an old wine of masterful, memorable melodies captured in new wine skins of contemporary, emotional, harmonic textures.

Among the throngs of fans who have enjoyed this drink, include the famed Ben Harper, JD Souther and Karla Bonoff. Comparisons with the Civil Wars, Buddy & Julie Miller and Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell lend credibility to a style and sound that legitimately stands on its own.

"Glory Bound" is full of the kind of americana gospel music that is rare these days. Smart and rootsy, it moves your soul and lightens your spirit. Produced in a small church studio in Long Beach California, it feels as big as the heavens above, and yet stays true to the pure and simple sounds of a classic genre. Musical contributions include industry legend Bob Glaub (Jackson Browne, John Fogerty) and contemporary master composer and instrumentalist TJ Hill (Future of Forestry).

How it came to be that a seasoned storyteller (who has recorded with such legends as JD Souther, Timothy B Schmit, Valerie Carter, Karla Bonoff and Kenny Edwards) partnered with a bright young unknown singer, is as simple as the longtime friendships they share with each other’s families and their common love of Americana music. What was inevitable soon followed.

After co-writing for several months and beginning to share their songs in churches and local venues, their music found resonance in the hearts of its listeners; but more importantly solidified an undeniable chemistry as musical partners. In 2011, Tom and Emiko began to perform regularly at the First Baptist Church of Lakewood, Tom's home church. With the very first musical offering, the congregation fell in love with Tom and Emiko; and soon after, an invitation was extended to record an album with the church acting as label. A year later, "Glory Bound" was realized.

Tom Kell: Glory Bound

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