Sheryl Crow "Feels Like Home"
Restless Heart "A Restless Heart Christmas"

Due West "Move Like That"

The word harmony may be defined in a dictionary as: multiple musical notes sounding simultaneously to form a chord.  But for three guys collectively known as Due West, harmony is defined as  a way of thinking, a way of doing business, even a way of life.

Harmony happened the first time they ever sang together when old friends Matt Lopez and Brad Hull met Tim Gates at a party. The three Westerners (Wyoming, Arizona and Utah respectively)started harmonizing and the other attendees—Music Row stars, newcomers, and friends—kept asking how long they'd been a group. It’s been happening ever since as they've toured the country, visiting radio stations and playing for appreciative audiences along the way.

Now, after having been singing together for almost 10 years, this concept of perfect harmony is something they constantly strive for, and consider to be their recipe for success.  Lopez notes “We always try to be in harmony, not only in our singing, but in our actions and group decisions.”  “We are 3 guys with 3 different voices, but one common goal,” Gates adds.

Due West is no stranger to accolades and recognition of their music.  But, while they have seen Billboard, Mediabase and Music Row chart success and have watched their videos hang for weeks in the GAC Top 20, they are still working toward major breakout single success that will catapult them to the next level.

“Wherever this road leads, we are grateful every day to do what we love,” says Hull.  And with harmony as the fuel in their engine,  Due West is poised to go down in country music history as a three-lane road to magic


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