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Randall Bramblett "The Bright Spots"

2013 release, the 10th album from the singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The Bright Spots finds familiar territory with the southern driven Funk and the Americana Soul he has long been known for. Recorded in Northeast Georgia with drummer Gerry Hansen, The Bright Spots showcases Bramblett's southern roots with a backbone of backbeat. Bramblett has worked with such notable performers as Gregg Allman, Bonnie Raitt, Goose Creek Symphony, Robbie Robertson, Elvin Bishop, Steve Winwood, B.J. Thomas, Widespread Panic, and Roger Glover. He plays keyboards, saxophones, guitar, mandolin, and harmonica, and his songwriting is heavily influenced by Blues, Folk, and Gospel music.

Jan Rørdam "Extraordinary Heart & Soul"

Extraordinary Heart And Soul' has been recorded in Jan Rørdam’s own studio in a houseboat, peacefully moored in a tranquil corner of Refshaleøen in Copenhagen Harbour, Denmark, close to the bustling city centre where Jan has been actively engaged as guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and producer for some years.

“As time’s gone on, I’ve found my work has become more precise. That ‘less’ is thankfully ‘more’ and that this time around, I felt a greater need for a more simplified (even drum-free!) album with a quieter feel and arrangement. This quest has resulted in a gentle album with much more space within - and this I love! Musically, I have challenged myself and subsequently feel that this new compositional work differs radically from anything else I have ever done before in my career – not least due to the close involvement of my English lyricist friend, Brian Patterson, who wrote of themes vital to us both - lyrics of life, existence and love - which as he said, he heard ‘lying within this new music’.

Jan was born in Copenhagen in 1958 and his acknowledged career and accomplishments as both a musician and composer in Denmark, stretch back many years – not least in his active involvement with Alberte Winding (popular Danish singer-songwriter) on her album releases throughout her career. A lot of gigs as sideman for other well known Danish singers - as well as on countless other compositional work for both television and film. It has now been 5 years since he released his first solo album in Danish, ‘En Masse Snak Om Værdier'.

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at Hemifran