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Seventh Key "I Will Survive"

For more than twenty-five years, Billy Greer has definitely been the Seventh Key in the ongoing success of the classic rock band Kansas. With his unique voice and bass style, Billy has elegantly carved his own distinctive sound with one of rock's finest bands. 

In 2001 he launched his own solo project, ironically called Seventh Key together with former partner in crime, guitarist, songwriter and producer, Mike Slamer with whom he had been playing with in the band Streets in the early 80’s.

Seventh Key released two highly rated studio albums (the self-titled debut in 2001 and the follow up “The Raging Fire” in 2004) and morphed into a real band when they performed live in studio for the “Live in Atlanta” cd / dvd release in 2005. Seventh Key also played live in Germany at the United Forces of Rock in the same year. 

“I Will Survive” marks the long awaited follow up to the albums and brings back Billy and Mike in top form. The songwriting and instrumental arrangements for this album, plus the caliber of the production and performances by all on board brings the fans another total masterpiece of Melodic Hard Rock.


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