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Many people recognize Casey as one of the young stars from the first season of the hit TV show 'The Voice'. The truth is that Casey never thought she would be on one of those shows. But read on and you will find that her successful run on TV was just the tip of the iceberg. Casey is now a Nashville recording artist. She has performed the National Anthem for NASCAR, Major League Baseball and the NBA. Casey Weston has opened concerts for major recording artists like James Otto, Justin Moore, Craig Morgan, John Anderson, Kellie Pickler and Tim McGraw.

It is true that Casey Weston was a top 8 finalist on the very first season of the NBC hit TV show 'The Voice'. But for Casey, that moment in the spotlight doesn’t define her. The experience Casey acquired by outlasting many older and more experienced artists coming out of music schools and academies with lofty pedigrees left a valuable and lasting imprint. That experience makes this self-taught, fresh-faced singer from Naples, FL, all the more interesting. This young lady from a family of jocks finally bowed out of the hit television show 'The Voice' in a hotly contested head-to-head contest with the show’s eventual winner. Casey Weston finished as one of the top 8 finalist in the show, was called “little Stevie Nicks” by Cee Lo Green, and told she was a musical 'bad ass' by her coach and mentor Adam Levine.

Casey Weston’s music is most often considered country, new country, roots or americana. She has released 2 albums, a self-titled, "Casey Weston", released in late 2009 with 10 tracks, and now, in late 2013, she releases a 13-track album called "Find The Moon". Both albums contain music and lyrics that Casey either wrote & composed entirely or co-wrote. Both albums are available through iTunes, CD Baby and other popular digital and physical music distributors.

Casey Weston stays in touch and continues to build her fan base with a robust touring schedule. Her 2013 tour consisted of over 70 shows throughout the East, Southeast and Midwest at music festivals, colleges and universities, and music listening rooms. Casey’s voice is pure and original. She is just as comfortable performing with just her guitar or with her full band. Casey’s relaxed style and sense of humor help her make friends and build upon her national audience beyond the 12 million viewers she captivated on television.

At just 20 years old, Casey projects a welcome balance of youthful energy and a road-tested touring musician and performer. Casey’s music is garnering positive critical attention and plays on Americana & Triple A radio in the US and Europe. Casey is young but she is ready for prime time now. Casey Weston has rapidly become a seasoned professional that promoters and music colleagues and other bands performing with her can count on whether performing for five or five thousand.

Casey has produced 2 music videos, 'Ain’t Life Beautiful That Way' and 'The Good Times', directed by Bill Rogers, from her most recent album "Find The Moon". In addition to the music videos, Casey’s youtube channel contains a wide assortment of video ranging from small cafeteria shows to national TV appearances. What remains constant throughout them all is Casey’s voice. Casey’s sound is pure and original. When Casey sings it is effortless to listen to and one that is easy to fall in love with. 

Thanks to Peter Holmstedt at HEMIFRAN

"When I played this record for the first time, I was impressed by Casey's Vocals. It's strong and mature. Reading the name of Larry Stewart of Restless Heart as one of the producers convinced me I was listening to something serious!" Arnaud Leger


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