DIESEL "Into The Fire"
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David Krapes, a.k.a. "DK", is a native born American citizen, his heritage is both Mayan Indian & Spanish descendant from Spain. DK's musical background encompasses over 40 years of experience in music and is the pedestal from which he articulates the body of each song that he sings. Many of DK's peers compare his style of singing to the Legend Artists like Al Jarreau, Boz Scaggs, Stevie Wonder and the Great Lou Rauls.

DK’s album “DK TONIGHT” includes Grammy Artists and Musician recording legends Michael O’Neill, Tom Saviano, Bill Champlin, David Foster, and Steve Madaio, just to name a few. A cast of musical geniuses all brought together by Maestro Master & Music Producer Tom Saviano. DK exemplifies himself in this extraordinary album of love by embracing each song with his Smooth Pop Jazz R&B Blue Eyed Soulful Voice. Just listen and close your eyes as he captivates your heart with these passionate love songs as you embrace the one you love in your arms TONIGHT!

You can listen and buy DK TONIGHT here!


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