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Kere Buchanan "Goodbye Yesterday"


Kere Buchanan is best known as a drummer’s drummer having played with a who’s who of great Australian artists including Tina Arena and Marcia Hines. Kere is also widely acknowledged as the leader of groups such as The Bodacious Cowboys and Kerosene. Four year ago, Kere released his first album under his name, "Starting Over" which received acclaim from critics across the globe.

Early February, 2014, Kere Buchanan returns with a new album called "Goodbye Yesterday" featuring guest vocalists Gary Pinto, Michelle Martinez, Glenn Bidmead, Karen O'Shea, Bill Champlin, Geoff Robertson, Barry Leef, Jerson Trinidad, Jade Macrae and Kere himself for the song "Hard Goodbye".

The beautiful painting on the cover is signed by singer/songwritter Marc Jordan!

"Goodbye Yesterday" will be available at CD Baby/iTunes/Amazon...

We're pleased to present "The Story Behind The Songs" of "Goodbye Yesterday" by Kere Buchanan!

1. If you need somebody: "I’ve had this little song lying around from the last album so I thought i’d bring it back. the key changes thing @ the end is something I’ve always loved as it takes a song to new heights with so much tension. This features the great Gary Pinto on lead vocals.

2. Could this be love?: I just love these sneaky sexy type grooves & I remember distinctly when this song came to me. I was sitting @ the keyboard just playing around with some chord changes before heading to a gig. I knew straight away that Michelle should sing this. Michelle has to be one of the most professional artists i’ve ever worked with & like on the last album, she arrived to sing the session like she owned it. thanks mm!

3. Slippin’ Away: I came up with most of this song a week or so after i got out of hospital back in 2011. I originally had the title ‘give it away’ & then ‘slipped away’ but I borrowed the ever so popular title ‘slippin’ away’… this features my partner in crime on lead vocals, Glenn Bidmead. This along with ‘Miss Josephine’ is my ‘paying homage’ to the late/great Jeff Porcaro of the band toto & indeed many other albums. I would never have become a musician without hearing him play with all those amazing artists. r.i.p. jp, kb!

4. Until I found you: This was the first song that Glenn & I had ever collaborated with another writer/lyricist on & we both agreed it was a great idea. I also knew straight away it should be a duet. I met Candy Corvin (co-writer) on facebook through a mutual friend & she told me she’d been involved in a record label in la back in the 80’s & she’d bought Kerosene & my first solo album & loved them. She asked if she could send some lyric over & I said, of course! I’m always up for new angles. this & ‘goodbye yesterday’ were written within a week of each other & this cut features one of my all time hero’s in music on fender rhodes, Robbie Buchanan. thanks for your magic touch rb, kb!

5. never gonna give you up: As far back as I can remember I have been a huge Chicago/Bill Champlin fan. I remember first hearing him on Chicago ‘16’ and just being blown away with the sound of his voice & his writing. I then bought anything that had his name on it from Lee Ritenour to Al Jarreau/Airplay & his solo albums. I am so privileged to have him on this track… I sent him an mp3 to sing to & within a few days I received an unbelievable track with that undeniable sound of Bill Champlin. thanks Bill!

6. goodbye yesterday: when Candy sent some of her lyrics to me, this title of hers just jumped out at me (along with ‘until I found you’) so Glenn & I went to work on it & what we came up with is this. I straight away knew that my great buddy Geoff Robertson should sing the title cut again like on the last record as his undeniable voice suits these types of songs & knocks me out. thanks Grouse, kb.

7. Miss Josephine: This is my salute to 2 of my all time favourite composers/artists, Donald Fagen (& Walter Becker). I originally had the title ‘Little Old Me’ for this but I got to thinking Glenn & I should stretch ourselves with the lyric on this & so I came up with the title ‘Miss Josephine’. It‘s based loosely around a crush I had on a girl who worked @ my local deli back in the mid 90’s. I called in everyday to see her to buy a caramel slice but i never did get the courage to ask her out but the story made for a cool song though! this features the great Barry Leef on lead vocals.

8. My love: I was a little nervous about having ‘2’ ballads on the album but i’m glad this survived. this is your real 80’s type ballad as i’m clearly stuck in that era. It was initially a duet but as the track grew it was clear it should be a male vocal and Glenn as usual tore it up. This is for ‘my love’.

9. Shining Star: This was recorded after the main tracking dates were done (along with a bonus track to be released down the track) as it was revealed that i was a few songs down for what I consider a full album. a project of this size can reveal a few flaws & indeed change direction as it’s evolving & I’ve always maintained to not put a song on a record if I’m not 100% happy with it, so it was back to the drawing board as they say! I had written the basic idea for this cut many years ago back in christchurch when I was a kid, & it’s funny & a blessing how these ideas just come back to you when you need a song! This features one of my fav guitarists & people, Mark Punch. we had a wonderful day recording & afterwards drinking coffee and chatting about music that day. thanks mp, kb!

10. all because of you: This is another little song I’ve had lying around for years & while during the writing sessions @ my mum’s place this came back to me. I had the pre-chorus/chorus chord progression with the chorus melody so I came up with the verse/bridge section & went to Glenn’s to finish it off with some melody & lyric. I had the pleasure of playing on a record a few years back with a great ‘vocal’ group from here called ‘Bella’ & Karen O’shea was part of that group. all ‘3’ singers were something else but I thought Karen would really suit some of the songs on the record, & I was right. thanks karen, kb!

11. hard goodbyes: I really wanted a rhodes/acoustic piano & lead vocal on the record this time. one of my all time favourite songs is ‘you are so beautiful’ that was written by Dennis Wilson/Billy Preston, and Bruce Fisher The great Joe Cocker cut some years ago & I wanted a similar thing with more jazz type chord changes. real emotional & a pouring your heart out type thing. I had many people in mind for this to sing but Glenn (Bidmead) convinced me to sing it myself so this is my debut @ singing a lead vocal.

3 TOTO remastered reissues by Rock Candy Records!!!


THE RELEASE OF the debut Toto album signalled a significant tipping point in the development of rock. Similar sounding acts such as Foreigner, Journey and Steely Dan had sowed the seeds of melodic AOR but none at that point had truly crafted the definitive role model. Toto took basic elements and turned them into pure gold by crafting a sound that was precise, cultivated and pretty much flawless, blending memorable songs with state of the art production and melodies that would propel their songs onto the airwaves from Los Angeles to London and all points in between.

Formed by the cream of the LA session circuit, the band’s credential were further enhanced by keyboard player and composer David Paich, a man who had carved a successful song writing reputation with artists such as Boz Scaggs. Joining him was guitar prodigy Steve Lukather, lead vocalist Bobby Kimball, bassist David Hungate, and two brothers in keyboardist Steve and drummer Jeff Porcaro; all men with their eyes on the prize and talent to burn.

Originally issued in 1978, the album produced two massive worldwide hit singles, ‘Hold The Line’ and ‘I’ll Supply The Love’, securing them a top ten album in the Billboard Charts and double Platinum certification. Elsewhere the tracks range from the soulful pop of ‘Georgy Porgy’ to the raging, almost malevolent, hard rock of ‘Girl Goodbye’. Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition, fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology, 1 bonus track, 16 page full colour booklet, 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork and rare photos.


IT’S FAIR TO say that Toto’s debut album was one of the surprise events of 1978. It was rammed to the rafters with methodically crafted tracks, and produced two bonafide hit singles; ‘I’ll Supply The Love’ and ‘Hold The Line’. It was these two songs that reshaped the sound of melodic rock, giving rise to the style that forever onwards became known as AOR. Certified double platinum, the future for Toto looked assured or so they thought...

When they returned with their second album ‘Hydra’, originally released in 1979, their fans and critics were confronted with a work that although immediately recognisable, was considerably more advanced and complex. Instead of serving up another dish of stylistic pop rock, they reached deep inside and committed to elaborate compositions and intricate arrangements. In many respects the approach could be traced directly back to the band’s progressive rock leanings; something that their musical ability and dexterity had always hinted at. Actually ‘Hydra’ is arguably Toto’s finest hour.

It is a record that combines all the positive aspects of a band that not only wrote great songs but also presented them in a format that wasn’t clichéd or pedestrian. The title track, for instance, is a seven minutes plus anthem that has become a career cornerstone, whilst shorter, sharper tracks such as ‘White Sister’ and ‘All Us Boys’ reinforced the AOR backbone in spectacular form. Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition, fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology, 16 page full colour booklet, 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork and rare photos.


YOU COULD SAY that ‘Turn Back’ is the lost Toto album. Whilst their debut record achieved double platinum sales figures, producing two global hit singles, and it’s follow up ‘Hydra’, was eventually acknowledged as a neo progressive rock triumph, ‘Turn Back’ flew beneath the radar and barely caused a blip on the charts before disappearing from sight.

The fact that their follow up album ‘Toto IV’ has won an unprecedented seven Grammys and contained three top 10 hit singles only seems to emphasise the point. But although it is the least well known early era Toto album, to die-hard fans of the band it is regarded as one of their creative highpoints. Originally issued in 1981, it found the band taking a far more aggressive approach, dialling down the keyboards and upping the guitar quota by a considerable margin. This was, for all intents and purposes, an arena rock album designed to stave off their detractors and emphasise that they could hold their own against meatier acts such as Foreigner and Boston.

Once again, much of the material was written or co-written by David Paich but the songs are tougher and far more dynamic than their previous work. Much of this was due to the enlistment of renowned British co-producer Geoff Workman who provided a raw, heavy sound. Highlights include ‘Goodbye Elenore’, ‘A Million Miles Away’ and the brilliantly arranged ‘English Eyes’, a candidate for their greatest ever track. Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition, fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology, Produced by Geoff Workman,16 page full colour booklet, 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork and rare photos.

Classic Rock Presents AOR magazine featuring Journey's "Infinity" album story.


The brand new issue of AOR magazine features the story of Journey’s Infinity album – their first with Steve Perry, and the record that changed them from also-rans into all-stars.


The year is 1978. Journey had won a loyal muso following with their post-Mahavishnu fusioneering, but world domination would not hover within their grasp until they found the perfect lead singer to turn their improvisations into anthems. Enter one Steve Perry for their fourth studio album, Infinity. Suddenly, everything changed… Bonus feature! On the road with Journey in Europe in 1979.

Plus! Diamonds, a 15-track CD featuring a glittering collection of melodic rock gems.

Featured in our 24-carat stash: Vandenberg’s Moonkings, Stan Bush, Heart, Foreigner, Vanity Riots, Ajenda,Nashville Pussy, Drought

Also in this issue: HEARTAnn Wilson on home movies, inventing a brand new way of rocking – and making Robert Plant cry.

TNT – After surviving bereavement and thyroid cancer, frontman Tony Harnell is ready to re-ignite his career with the Norwegian rockers.

A TO Z OF SCANDINAVIAN AOR – Let us take you on a guided tour of Scandinavia’s rock history and glam/sleaze/AOR future…

STARSHIP –  Mickey Thomas returns with a fine new album and plans to bring his new-look combo to the UK.

FOREIGNER – It’s 1977, and with disco at its height, and the punk and new wave hordes baying at the gates, it’s not a great time for rock. But it’s the perfect time for Mick Jones, Lou Gramm and co. to swoop in.

KINGDOM COME – This is the story of their stairway to rock’n’roll heaven…

GIUFFRIA – After Angel went their separate ways, keyboard wizard Gregg Giuffria was free to indulge his grand melodic visions. But then the label began to interfere…

MISSING PERSONS – Returning with a new album, Dale Bozzio tells all about Frank Zappa, stardom and her painful split from husband/bandmate Terry Bozzio.

BOSTON –  Tom Scholz looks back on the hits that made him a legend, as well as looking towards the future.

PLUS! Interviews: H.E.A.T., House Of Lords, The Treatment, Jessica Wolff, L.R.S., Vanity Blvd,Skyscraper, Space Elevator, United Nations, Linda & The Punch, Trillion, Frédéric Slama, Michael Des Barres, Chris Laney, Tommy Denander… Buyers Guides: Bryan Adams and Pretty Maids Album reviews: Heart, L.R.S., Asia, The Treatment, House Of Lords, Foreigner, Space Elevator,Magnum, Casablanca, W.E.T., Missing Persons, Donnie Vie, Johnny Lima… Reissue reviews: Jay Ferguson, Honeymoon Suite, David Gates, REO Speedwagon, Dokken,Shakin’ Street… Live reviews: Blue Oyster Cult, BlackWolf, The Treatment, Lost Weekend…

Neal Schon "So U"


Guitar legend Neal Schön teams up with Marco Mendoza and Deen Castronovo for smoking new fusion and blues-inspired hard rock album

“So U” due out May 20th via Frontiers Records

(New York, NY) – Guitar legend Neal Schön has joined forces with bassist Marco Mendoza (Black Star Riders, Ted Nugent, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy) and drummer Deen Castronovo (Journey, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Vai, Hardline) to create a unique body of work with jazz and blues-inspired virtuosic hard rock playing, entitled SO U.

The new album features Schön, Mendoza and Castronovo splitting vocal and writing duties, with many of the tracks also co-written by Night Ranger/Damn Yankee’s songwriter, singer and bassist Jack Blades.

Please see below for the track listing and click here to access the album cover for SO U. Of SO U, Neal Schön commented, “This is a great new record that features all three of us – Deen, Marco and myself – sharing lead vocals. Enjoy!”

Best known as founding member and lead guitarist of Journey, Neal Schön has enjoyed a remarkable career as one of rock n’ roll’s top virtuosos, with a hand in creating some of the most popular songs of all time. Beginning his career more than 35 years ago in the San Francisco Bay area, the 15-year-old guitar prodigy left home to join Santana. Schön moved on in 1973 to form Journey. With Journey and other projects, he has earned 19 Top 40 singles and 25 platinum and gold albums, was awarded the prestigious “Legend Of Live Award” at the 2011 Billboard Touring Awards, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005 and was individually inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame in 2013.

As the only member to record on all of Journey’s albums, Schön continues with the band today in its latest incarnation. In addition to 6 solo albums and 14 studio albums with Journey, Neal Schön has also performed with Joe Cocker, Sammy Hagar, Paul Rodgers, Larry Graham, Betty Davis, Michael Bolton, fusion legend Jan Hammer, Hardline and supergroup Bad English, as well as a variety of side projects.

His latest instrumental solo album, THE CALLING, released in 2012 via Frontiers Records, won rave reviews from fans and the media alike, with Vintage Guitar declaring “THE CALLING is a fine piece of work demonstrating that Schön still has it going on – and then some…The songs are strong and his guitar tones are absolutely luxurious.” 

Fiona "Heart Like A gun"


YOU CAN TAKE the Girl out of the East Coast but you can’t take the East Coast out of the girl. For Fiona’s third album the diminutive singer was transported lock and stock and barrel to Los Angeles in an effort to give her a creative makeover. It was a move that shaped her label’s (Atlantic Records) deep rooted belief in her potential, after recording two albums of top drawer melodic rock that indicated she was on the verge of a major breakthrough. ‘Heart Like A Gun’, originally issued in 1989, was primarily produced by studio wizard Keith Olsen, a man who’d notched up several platinum plus selling albums from a string of artists, including Fleetwood Mac, Whitesnake and Journey.

The belief was that Olsen’s magic touch would help craft an album that would catapult her into the spotlight. With help from a number of name players, including noted guitarists Brad Gillis, Mike Slamer, Tim Pierce and Dweezil Zappa, together with key song writing co-writes by Mark Mangold, Aldo Nova and Van Stephenson.

Originally issued in 1989, the album exudes class and quality, a tremendous example of rugged yet melodic hard rock, with a polished and accessible sheen. Look out for the album standout, an anthemic duet with hard rock heart throb Kip Winger, ‘Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)’, one the most impressive tracks of the entire era. Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition, fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology, Produced by Keith Olsen,16 page full colour booklet, 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork and rare photos.

Visit Rock Candy Records to order your copy.

Langhoff "Safe Distance"


With vivid songs about love and life, Danish singer Langhoff releases his debut album “Safe Distance”.  The album contains skilled songwriting, impressive performances from the featured musicians, and a well worked­through production – not to mention Bjarne Langhoff’s powerful singing voice.

On “Safe Distance”, Langhoff’s fondness for the great works of the eighties and nineties shines through, his musical universe echoing with references to Seal, Peter Gabriel, Nik Kershaw and even Toto – but it is still very much a universe of his own creation, one where songwriting craft and Langhoff’s signature voice transport the listener through this beautifully arranged album, ­characterized by its unique and dynamic sound.

In 2009 Langhoff entered the big stage of the west coast music world when he was featured as a solo performer on the “Tribute To David Foster” collection, a signature album to honour one of the finest songwriters in the world. Other noted vocalists on this album included Bill Champlin (Chicago), Bill LaBounty, Arnold McCuller (James Taylor Band), Jeff Pescetto, Robbie Dupree, all supported by a line up of L.A.’s top studio musicians. Langhoff’s great vocals on the “Tribute To David Foster” later resulted in an invitation to contribute to the  album “Highlights And Rarities” with his version of the top hit “She’s A Beauty”, originally performed by The Tubes.

Langhoff first performed his way into Danish viewers’ hearts in 2012 during the premier season of the television program The Voice.
 But the earthbound Dane didn’t want to rush into an album release and instead continued his work on “Safe Distance”, already a long time in the making. “The first lines were written more than 16 years ago, but only now is it exactly as I want it,” Langhoff says. And as a composer, lyricist, instrumentalist, singer and producer, Langhoff brings an accomplished and exciting work to completion with his first release: “I’ve tried to imagine a smaller production, but I simply love exactly this sound and I decided that I would not compromise. Now I think the songs are perfect. There is a common thread, and the album is coherent.”

To reach the depth and dynamism that matches Langhoff’s ideal sound, he allied himself with a team of experienced musicians (Jonas Krag, Lars Daugaard, Allan Nagel and others) and put the mixing and the mastering in the hands of renowned Finnish sound engineer Mikko Raita and mastering legend Jan Eliasson. The album was produced by Bjarne Langhoff himself, with the help of co-producer Lars Daugaard, and can be purchased on iTunes, where audio samples also can be heard.

Take part to Kiki Ebsen’s new record project «Scarecrow»...


Kiki Ebsen has launched a campaign to gain support for a very special project, a record of Jazz standards inspired by her dad’s life and career. Read the story about the project and share the experience with Kiki by visiting

«Shirley Temple’s recent passing reminded me that our time is limited. We are losing iconic talents many of us grew up with. By recording these songs I hope not only to honor my father’s memory and his love of jazz, but to create a musical statement that is truly my own, connecting his past to my present in a way that will no doubt leave me forever changed.» Kiki Ebsen

Discover David Krapes...


David Krapes, a.k.a. "DK", is a native born American citizen, his heritage is both Mayan Indian & Spanish descendant from Spain. DK's musical background encompasses over 40 years of experience in music and is the pedestal from which he articulates the body of each song that he sings. Many of DK's peers compare his style of singing to the Legend Artists like Al Jarreau, Boz Scaggs, Stevie Wonder and the Great Lou Rauls.

DK’s album “DK TONIGHT” includes Grammy Artists and Musician recording legends Michael O’Neill, Tom Saviano, Bill Champlin, David Foster, and Steve Madaio, just to name a few. A cast of musical geniuses all brought together by Maestro Master & Music Producer Tom Saviano. DK exemplifies himself in this extraordinary album of love by embracing each song with his Smooth Pop Jazz R&B Blue Eyed Soulful Voice. Just listen and close your eyes as he captivates your heart with these passionate love songs as you embrace the one you love in your arms TONIGHT!

You can listen and buy DK TONIGHT here!

DIESEL "Into The Fire"


Diesel have started recording their debut album in Tremolo Studios, Cheshire, UK. Robert Hart: vocals (ex Bad Company, Manfred Man Earth Band and John Gangs) Jim Kirkpatrick: Guitars(FM) Jimmy Copley: Drums (Paul Rogers, and Manfred Man Earth Band), Pat Davey: (Seven) release plan for early 2014 on Escape Music.

LRS "Down To The Core"


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of L.R.S. debut album "Down to the Core" on March 21st in Europe and March 25th in North America. L.R.S. stands for the new Melodic Rock musical alliance between singer Tommy La Verdi (21 Guns), guitarist Josh Ramos (The Storm, Hardline) and drummer Michael Shotton (Von Groove, Airtime).

Started initially as a way to bring back to the public the amazing vocal talent of Tommy LaVerdi, a singer which came to the attention of the fans on the fabulous 21 GUNS debut album "Salute" in 1992, the whole project morphed into a power band trio when two other well known musicians: guitar player Josh Ramos and drummer Michael Shotton were brought into the picture by the album producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE). The writing sessions were fast and steady, with Del Vecchio managing all contributions from the band members – who lived in different places - and offering a number of his own writings and co-writings to the band, which was anyway able to develop a distinctive Melodic Rock sound in the tradition of JOURNEY / THE STORM, with hints of Canadian AOR - think mid 80's TRIUMPH.

Recording sessions happened for the most part in Somma Lombardo, Italy during the spring of 2013, with the musicians getting along extremely well and creating a spontaneous camaraderie which contributed a lot to the success of the sessions. 

The resulting album” Down to the Core” is now finally ready to be unleashed to the public. With soaring vocals from LaVerdi, a superb vocalist who comes back into the well deserved spotlight and some exquisite guitar playing from Ramos, this is an album not to be missed and an AOR highlight for early 2014!