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Langhoff "Safe Distance"


With vivid songs about love and life, Danish singer Langhoff releases his debut album “Safe Distance”.  The album contains skilled songwriting, impressive performances from the featured musicians, and a well worked­through production – not to mention Bjarne Langhoff’s powerful singing voice.

On “Safe Distance”, Langhoff’s fondness for the great works of the eighties and nineties shines through, his musical universe echoing with references to Seal, Peter Gabriel, Nik Kershaw and even Toto – but it is still very much a universe of his own creation, one where songwriting craft and Langhoff’s signature voice transport the listener through this beautifully arranged album, ­characterized by its unique and dynamic sound.

In 2009 Langhoff entered the big stage of the west coast music world when he was featured as a solo performer on the “Tribute To David Foster” collection, a signature album to honour one of the finest songwriters in the world. Other noted vocalists on this album included Bill Champlin (Chicago), Bill LaBounty, Arnold McCuller (James Taylor Band), Jeff Pescetto, Robbie Dupree, all supported by a line up of L.A.’s top studio musicians. Langhoff’s great vocals on the “Tribute To David Foster” later resulted in an invitation to contribute to the  album “Highlights And Rarities” with his version of the top hit “She’s A Beauty”, originally performed by The Tubes.

Langhoff first performed his way into Danish viewers’ hearts in 2012 during the premier season of the television program The Voice.
 But the earthbound Dane didn’t want to rush into an album release and instead continued his work on “Safe Distance”, already a long time in the making. “The first lines were written more than 16 years ago, but only now is it exactly as I want it,” Langhoff says. And as a composer, lyricist, instrumentalist, singer and producer, Langhoff brings an accomplished and exciting work to completion with his first release: “I’ve tried to imagine a smaller production, but I simply love exactly this sound and I decided that I would not compromise. Now I think the songs are perfect. There is a common thread, and the album is coherent.”

To reach the depth and dynamism that matches Langhoff’s ideal sound, he allied himself with a team of experienced musicians (Jonas Krag, Lars Daugaard, Allan Nagel and others) and put the mixing and the mastering in the hands of renowned Finnish sound engineer Mikko Raita and mastering legend Jan Eliasson. The album was produced by Bjarne Langhoff himself, with the help of co-producer Lars Daugaard, and can be purchased on iTunes, where audio samples also can be heard.


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