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Sonic Station "Next Stop"


On May 23rd 2014 Avenue Of Allies will release "Next Stop", the much anticipated second album by the Swedish AOR band SONIC STATION. One month before the album the digital single "Amelia” will be available on April 18th 2014, accompanied by a music video for the track.

While perfect arrangements and production values of the highest order are still a trademark of the songs of guitarist, composer and producer Alexander Kronbrink and his band, the music is now focusing on the AOR side of SONIC STATION. The powerful tunes have a more upbeat feeling and give more room to the guitars and with most of the musicians performing on all songs, the recordings carry the spirit of a real band performance rather than having the nature of a high profile studio project like the self-titled debut from 2012.

Alexander was brought up in a musical home in Stockholm, Sweden, where one of his friends in the neighborhood was Jonathan Fritzén, who played keyboards and the piano. Together they had jam sessions fooling around with jazz harmonies and even trying out some of their own compositions. Today Jonathan is a star in the Smooth Jazz genre with several number 1 hits on the US Billboard charts to his name. Jonathan appears on all SONIC STATION albums, as does Alexander on Jonathan’s solo records. Like most teenagers Alexander was venturing into several musical genres, before a friend of his father’s introduced him to the music of American guitarist Lee Ritenour, this listening experience  paved the way for Alexander's own playing. Subsequently he discovered the music of some of the most influential artists of the US AOR and Westcoast genres like Steely Dan, Kenny Loggins and Toto, as well as songwriter and producer David Foster and listened to guitarists like Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau and Dann Huff.


Rik Priem's Prime


The debut album of RIK PRIEM’S PRIME will be released through Avenue Of Allies on May 23rd 2014.

Several familiar names of the international Hard and Heavy scene were involved in the recording and the production process of guitar player Rik Priem’s band project. The German musicians Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz (Dead End Heroes, Frozen Rain, Lavalle, Evidence One, Midnite Club) on lead vocals and Rami Ali (Freedom Call, Iron Mask, Lavalle, Frontline, Evidence One) on drums are well known faces in the recording studio and on stages around the world. Rik first met Carsten during the making of the second Frozen Rain album“Ahead Of Time”. The band is completed by bass player Vincent De Laat, who also participated in the Frozen Rain sessions and Rik’s long time friend Geert Margodt on keyboards.

Producer Steffen Seeger (Iain Ashley Hersey, Midnite Club) oversaw the sessions, before the finishing touches to the album were put on the recordings in the German Empire Studios by Rolf Munkes (Dead End Heroes, Empire, Razorback, Tony Martin), who handled the mix and the mastering of the tracks. Reading the names of everyone involved in RIK PRIEM’S PRIME it becomes obvious what to expect from the record, a hard rockin’ slice of energetic Heavy Rock. The breath taking musical performances of each musician combined with Carsten’s vocals on each song of the album, except for the instrumental “Chameleon”, will attract any fan and follower of the previous and current bands and projects of the participating musicians to RIK PRIEM’S PRIME.




7 is: Mick Devine – Lead Vocals / Keith Mcfarlane – guitar, Vocals / Pat Davey- Bass, Vocals / Simon Lefevre – Keyboards, Vocals / Austin “Oz” Lane – Drums.

The AOR scene in the late eighties was a thriving hive of activity. At the turn of the new decade, the likes of Mitch Malloy, Paul Laine, Firehouse, Tyketto and Talisman were all signed up and ready to make an impact on the genre. Everybody wanted an AOR band, and Polydor records were no exception. Having been fairly successful in the U.K with the likes of Magnum and Little Angels, the label had set their sights on 7 Seven, a relatively unknown act from Bournemouth.

The roots of the band originally began in South Africa in an outfit called Face To Face. Both Keith McFarlane and Simon LeFevre (and his brother John) had enjoyed considerable success over an eighteen month period, releasing several singles and one album, before dissent in the ranks saw the young band split up. Meanwhile, a young Mick Devine was plying his trade as a drummer in the band UC27. With both McFarlane and the LeFevre brothers returning to the UK, it was decided after several months to put the band back together, but base it in the UK, as Mick Devine explains, “I took a brave leap leaving South Africa, as I hadn’t met Simon, John or Keith previously. We were originally based in Woking, but after meeting Mike Parker (our initial Manager – now deceased) at a talent show, we moved to Bournemouth. I was initially approached by John to drum with the band, but they thought I was a much better singer than drummer and realised I needed to come out from behind the drums and become the lead singer.”


"If you like FOREIGNER, sure you will enjoy SEVEN first single "Still" shared on!" Arnaud

Chicago "NOW"


Considered one of the longest running and most successful pop/rock 'n' roll groups in history, Chicago is the highest charting American band in Billboard Magazine's list of Top 100 artists of all time, coming in at #13. Lifetime achievements include a Grammy Award, multiple American Music Awards, elected as Founding Artists to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a Chicago street dedicated in their honor, and Keys to and Proclamations from an impressive list of US cities.

Formed in 1967 in Chicago, the "legendary rock band with horns" released their first album "Chicago Transit Authority" in 1969. Since then, they have had record sales top the 100,000,000 mark, and include 21 Top 10 singles, 5 consecutive Number One albums, 11 Number One singles and 5 Gold singles. An incredible 25 of their 34 albums have been certified platinum, and the band has a total of 47 gold and platinum awards.

In 2014, their debut album "The Chicago Transit Authority" was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame. This was followed by announcement of their 2014 summer tour with REO Speedwagon, a televised performance on the 2014 Grammy Awards CBS broadcast, and the scheduled release of "NOW" Chicago XXXVI in July 2014.

George Marinelli "Wild Onions"


After the Bonnie Raitt's "Slipstream" Tour has ended, George Marinelli (Bruce Hornsby, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor) found time to release the album he's been working on for the last year. It's called Wild Onions, made up of 5 original songs and 5 covers by various artists. It also features two members of Bonnie's band on two songs, Ricky Fataar on drums and Hutch Hutchinson on bass. The rest is George doing his thing here in WingDing Studios.

"It covers a lot of the music that makes me tick, and I truly hope you dig it." George

Nathan East' debut solo record!


Chances are, you've spent your whole life listening to Nathan East. You just never knew it. Until now.

A founding member of the chart-topping contemporary jazz group Fourplay, East was 16 years old when he got his first break and found himself on the road with Barry White. The next time the phone rang, Quincy Jones was on the line. The calls kept coming and for the last forty years, East has been churning out hit songs with artists as legendary as Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Barbra Streisand and Stevie Wonder.

His genre-crossing groove has earned him both the recognition - a Congressional Record for his contributions to the worldwide music community, for one - and the boundary-busting respect of his peers, illustrated by his current appearances on two hit records as diverse as Andrea Bocelli's Passione and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories.

Suffice it to say, it's been a busy four decades. "There are only so many hours in the day," East concedes. "But for years, friends have encouraged me to record a solo album. Some for so long they'd given up. However the best music that I've made over the years has always been a collaboration with my friends, so I decided it was time to take the plunge."

Communing with friends is a theme for East, so it was only natural that he team up with Yamaha Entertainment Group, with whom he has had a personal and professional relationship for over 30 years. "They have an undeniable world-wide presence, so when Chris Gero started this label and shared his vision, I was in from the first ask." Less obvious to East, was how to approach stepping out as a lead artist.

"I always felt, especially as a bassist, that a solo album was a very difficult thing to try to come up with. I'm used to a more supportive role playing as a sideman, which is why it's taken me this long to actually get my head around what kind of record to make."

But the uncertainty stopped there. "Chris said, 'I don't want to just make an album that you'd predict you would make. I want you to come away from it with that feeling of 'What just happened?!' He has all these ideas going on and he's hearing symphonies in his head. It's like Quincy Jones, where he has a knack of putting ideas and people together.Chris comes with an exceptional production value and wants everything to be epic, so we're trying to bring that spirit to this record."

And spirited it is. Joined by a veritable who's who of fellow musicians and vocalists, East immersed himself in the studio experience. "The thing I love most about the recording process is that you never know exactly what's going to happen. I always leave room for that element of surprise because so often it's what you didn't plan on that turns into the focal point - that magical moment - on the record."

One such moment is the triumphant re-imagining of Pat Metheny's "Letter From Home," where soaring orchestration contrasts poignantly with the track's pensive mood. It's exactly the kind of narrative in which East gravitates. "I tend to lean towards passionate ballads and I've asked Michael McDonald, one of my favorite singers, to join us on this record. There's just so much emotion and heart in his music."

Destined to capture every heart is East's duet on "Yesterday" with his 13-year old son Noah, who plays the piano. "Noah came to the studio, put the headphones on and the sound was so beautiful his face just lit up! It's surreal to play with your son. You are changing his diapers one minute and the next thing, you're making music with this person."

East keeps it in the family with one of four co-written songs on the album, "101 Eastbound," a tune penned along with brother Marcel East. Originally released over 20 years ago on Fourplay's debut album and newly imbued with an exotic flair, the track captures the vitality of East's diverse range. Glowing with meticulous attention to detail, East tackles the anthemic "America the Beautiful" with a ferocity befitting its title.

"I travel around the world visiting many different countries but I must say, I always look forward to coming home." East continues, "I kiss the ground because even on a rainy day, America is still so beautiful." One thing is certain - the world is listening to Nathan East. "

Now that I have an association with 'Get Lucky,' a song that has been played around the world, we thought it would be fun to celebrate that part of my playing on the record. Why not keep the party going?!

So Michael Thompson wrote a fun song in the spirit of that music and we called it 'Daft Funk.'" And in the spirit of Nathan East, the album is energized with relentless generosity as he leads - and cedes - the way for his friends and fellow musicians to shine. As a result, "You can tell a difference in the way the music feels," East explains. "They're calling it a solo album, but I consider it everybody's record." East admits, he's been blessed with a gift. And it's one that we'll gladly accept.

Jeri Lynne "Just For You"


On March 21st 2014 Jeri Lynne, Native Californian Grammy-nominee has released her new album  “Just For You” under the NiRo Music label.

Jeri Lynne has been involved in the music business for over 40 years. Jeri Lynne is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, with recordings by Jose Feliciano and Bill Medley. She has recorded, toured and opened for artists such as actor Jeff Bridges, Michael McDonald, Patti Austin, Crystal Gayle, Ray Charles, Kenny Loggins, BJ Thomas, Billy Vera, Jerry Casale (Devo), Gary Puckett, Naomi Judd and many more.

She began her professional commercial music career at age 10 singing children’s songs and commercial jingles for television and radio and has  honed her skills further through years in the entertainment business. Jeri Lynne has performed with some of the most legendary entertainers of our time: She was keyboardist/synthesizer player with The Righteous Brothers, has worked with the “Legendary Queen of Las Vegas”, Keely Smith, and also featured in a duet with the late Warren Wiebe for Swiss producer Urs Wiesendanger on a track called “Another Chance For Love”.

Jeri Lynne dedicates her latest album to the memory of the legendary keyboardist George Duke, who has inspired her again and yet again. „Just For You” will be available for downloading on iTunes, Amazon, etc. and as physical CD on CDBABY.

Bill LaBounty "Into Something Blue"


Bill LaBounty just released his new album tainted of jazz "Into Something Blue" featuring 11 brand new songs (plus a bonus track "Corporate Rock And Roll" on the japanese version). For the songwritting, Bill has joined to this project his wife Beckie Foster, Gary Nicholson, Jeff Silbar, Sam Lorber, Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller. The album also includes covers from Ray Charles "Funny But I Still Love You" and Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues".

"Into Something Blue" is produced by longtime partner Rick Chudacoff and features Bill (vocals, keys), Jack White (Drums), Rick Chudacoff (Bass), Larry Carlton, Tom Hemby, Danny Parks (Guitars), Mark Douthit (Tenor Sax), Barry Green (Trombone), Bryan Cumming (Clarinet), Joey Richey, Stephanie Wilson & Nicole Ritchie (Background Vocals).